Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009


a new phone... :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As real as it can get

The reality that is life, now is sinking in.

As the day goes by, it gets more and more true.
I'm breaking up my 6-year relationship.
I've got to move on though. Grow up.
But pls, don't stop me from being sad about it.
Even for a short moment.
Its nice to feel pain once in a while.

The countdown begins. 10 more days after today.
Gotta make the best of it. :-) I should work on a bucket list for this.

Looking forward though to another relationship to take care of...

Quality Deli in Sucat

I'm a big fan of hams and sausages and cheeses. I remember lunch breaks spent running to Santi's deli in Festival Mall, buying 50 grams of Farmer's ham worth P30.00 and buying 2 pcs pandesal in the Shopwise bakery and its yummy lunch for me! But I don't go to Alabang anymore as much as before so deli fix for me is a rare occasion now.

But not anymore, Shopwise Sucat recently added another value-added service in their store. They already have a Le Gourmet counter! With almost the same exciting assortment as there is in their main branch in Rustan's Makati. Im saying "almost the same" so expect some items available in Makati and not in Sucat.

They also have tables and chairs for a quick deli fix while shopping! Coffee is also served.

My all time favorite is their honey ham, my husband goes for their beef pastrami.

Try out their Breakfast Bangers sausage. Either have it fried or grilled. I prefer it grilled.

Another shot of their ham assortment.

I've always loved soft cheeses and i could finish a hundred grams of gorgonzola. But last saturday, it wasn't available yet so we had this Grueyere instead. Not a soft cheese at all but it was good i might add it as my next favorite. Next to Caprice de Dieux, that is.. :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009


It felt like a hidden treasure discovery. Found this while cleaning up my hard drive.

Love the dramatic effect. Even our facial expressions. Taken by Aris during our wedding last March 2007.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Test Shot

And so the trip yesterday to Hidalgo was a success. Went there to buy a camera and extra lens with my Boss. Yup, my boss and I went to Hidalgo. Amidst the flooddy gutters, and the palengke-like atmosphere. I'm hoping he feels it all worth it. We got his camera almost 8k lower than mall price. Then we also got him a telephoto lens. One of our managers also asked me to buy him a lens and the curious cat in me just had to try it out myself.

When I got home, Kyan attached the Sigma 70-300 lens to his camera and we did a little shooting. Here is my favorite photo from the set.

This is another new target. By Nov 2009, I will have a new camera and a new lens. I will really work on this goal.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The life changing week

I am going out of my comfort zone.

The theatrical supermarket life that i have been living on for 6 years will be ending in a few more weeks. I filed my resignation last wednesday.

You see, it was not that easy for me. Being backstage in this "theatre" is like a dream come-true for me. I've always wanted to have my own supermarket since grade school. But for now, in the immediate future, I need the change soon or I explode.

I said the exact same thing to the Boss of my boss who talked me into staying. He said I was making the wrong move moving to another industry which is very unstable as of this time. I told him I've already made up my mind. My Boss who I have served for 6 years didn't stop me, he said he will be selfish if he does. I am assuming he saw in my eye, the strong determination to leave. I really need the big time change.

I feel like breaking up with a long time boyfriend. And it may sound cliche-ish but i should have told my boss this line - "it was not you, it's ME".

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Misyon para sa LP

Ang Misyon: kunan ng litrato ang mga bagong tinapay ng tindahan.

Kaya isang sabado ng umaga, kinailangan kong guming ng maaga upang makarating sa tindahan bago ito magbukas para sa madla. Bitbit ang hiram na kamera (oo humuhiram lang ako ng camera, sira kasi si canon ni mister), dinayo namin ang Shopwise Alabang upang subukan at litratuhan ang kanilang bagong tinapay.
Sa halos limampung litrato, mangilan-ngilan ang masasabi kong magandang kuha. At sa aking palagay, isa ang litrato sa itaas.. :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Challenge

I haven't been writing lately.

For some reason, can't seem to find the words to describe what I'm currently going through. The "universal challenge" is really doing its job! I've been having sleepless nights and I even stopped reading my book during my morning trips and dedicated the entire one hour ride to just thinking.

And no matter how much i weigh things, no matter how much i know one side wins, my heart still shouts the same thing. "Go!"

As much as I'd like to share the details of this whole issue at hand, I'd rather not yet. Maybe soon. But to make it simpler, the story goes something like this...

I'm on the road, driving my way towards life, then i come to a fork.

Two options, the smooth, cemented road. The road I've known for so long that i can drive by with my eyes closed. Straight-no curve road.

The other road is rough, unknown. Never been set foot on. Unsure. But the bright red glow at the end of it can be seen from where i am. Blurry though, but visible. I don't know if this will be a straight path or not. I just don't know.

Both roads seems promising. The easy-way out could be an obvious choice, But my innards are shouting at me to take the rougher path.

You see? I am torn but I know deep inside that I'm not. I feel the want to take the challenge. I just know there's something good in that rough path. Something which may also be in the easier path but may take me longer to achieve.

My heart says go face the unknown.
My brain shouts at me to be practical and make the wiser choice.
All the other parts of my body are confused .

And as closing, I'd like to sing Miley Cyrus" "The Climb".

Listen to it, it's makes a lot of sense!