Sunday, June 7, 2009

The life changing week

I am going out of my comfort zone.

The theatrical supermarket life that i have been living on for 6 years will be ending in a few more weeks. I filed my resignation last wednesday.

You see, it was not that easy for me. Being backstage in this "theatre" is like a dream come-true for me. I've always wanted to have my own supermarket since grade school. But for now, in the immediate future, I need the change soon or I explode.

I said the exact same thing to the Boss of my boss who talked me into staying. He said I was making the wrong move moving to another industry which is very unstable as of this time. I told him I've already made up my mind. My Boss who I have served for 6 years didn't stop me, he said he will be selfish if he does. I am assuming he saw in my eye, the strong determination to leave. I really need the big time change.

I feel like breaking up with a long time boyfriend. And it may sound cliche-ish but i should have told my boss this line - "it was not you, it's ME".

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