Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Test Shot

And so the trip yesterday to Hidalgo was a success. Went there to buy a camera and extra lens with my Boss. Yup, my boss and I went to Hidalgo. Amidst the flooddy gutters, and the palengke-like atmosphere. I'm hoping he feels it all worth it. We got his camera almost 8k lower than mall price. Then we also got him a telephoto lens. One of our managers also asked me to buy him a lens and the curious cat in me just had to try it out myself.

When I got home, Kyan attached the Sigma 70-300 lens to his camera and we did a little shooting. Here is my favorite photo from the set.

This is another new target. By Nov 2009, I will have a new camera and a new lens. I will really work on this goal.

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