Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Boss, My Friend

Its quite hard to put all of what's in my mind right now to writing. yesterday was such a big devastation that I wished it was all a dream. That I'd wake up this morning and realize it was all part of a dream. But the reality that is, this is life and life MUST go on.

Its funny how much this whole resignation feels like a break up. And I'm quite sure the moving on will be more or less the same. So I guess I' can quite say, I will get over this. The pain, the sadness, the adjustment.

My Boss, my friend.

If there's anything I'm proud of during my Shopwise stay, it is that my Boss, the VP for store operations, the head of the biggest dept in the whole company is not only my Boss, but a good friend as well. I'm proud of how we treat each other and how we relate to one another. And I guess, in this "break-up", he's the "boyfriend". And if there's anyone most affected by my leaving, it is him. Because after all, it was his life that I managed, for that long 6 years and 5 months. I will never learn the things I have learned from him from anyone else. I don't know if he realizes it but he made me who I am right now. His being difficult made me tougher.

It became a game, of who would think of what first. And it has reached that point that he did not even have to say it, things were already done before he can give the instructions. That, I think, was how I made his life easier. By me, going through the complications for him. This made me more analytical in a lot of ways. Yes he made me do things I've never done before.

I remember the newsletter we had started way back 2003. I had to learn Corel Draw and Photoshop because he volunteered me as the layout artist! And who would have thought, we would release the very first and last issue of Shopsy News :-)

The reports he made me do, which at first seemed impossible and time consuming given the number of stores and the parameters of which he wants the analysis based on, made me learn Excel and maximize its functions and features. And I think, I even exceeded his "knowledge level" in all MS office applications....

I would also like to give full credit to him for my Facebook account, because had he not asked about it, I would never have explored and update my own facebook account. I remember that day when he asked me what Facebook was, I said its a social network. With question marks still all over his face I said, "just like friendster", hoping he would then be enlightened but instead answered back saying " what's friendster". And that was the time, I went back to my computer and made him an account.

His love for media arts, made him aim for quality audio visual presentations, which then made me learn video editing. At first it was just home-video editing, now I'm using Adobe premier.

A travel agent, a liaison officer, a graphic artist, a computer technician, a software supervisor and even a fashion consultant at times. This all made me realize how much in the world there is to learn. And my Boss, my friend, made me realize this.

And if he's wondering if he taught me a thing or 2, I'd tell him NO. He is instrumental to what I am now. Not just one or two, but the whole package. I

I'll forever be thankful Manuel. (I hope I can get used to just the name without the "sir").

And If before I use to track the time for him, Now I will always remember him when I check on the time. He gave me my Mickey Mouse watch. :-)

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