Monday, September 28, 2009

Green Wedding Shoes

There is a huge turn-around re the wedding i'm planning. The venue might be moved to the other side of the region. From Nasugbu to Laiya. For some reason the move made it more exciting to plan.

I have again, been spending vacant hours scanning over sites and searching the net for many many inspirations.

I am very thankful for finding this website.

I wish i had this source when i was planning our wedding. This whole discovery made me want to get married again, of course, to the same person :-D

Here are some of the inspirations i gathered. Lovely. All lovely. I got all these photos from the green wedding shoes website

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Newcomer complex?

Being a newbie may bring some advantages and disadvantages.
Right now, the disadvantages are more than the good ones. I guess not everyone trusts me as much as the Boss does. I spent my long ride home last night thinking and rethinking and i end up in front of our house being sad of what is and at the same time just glad to be home.

My last words before sleeping, aside from humming a lullaby for Taal, is that, I am lost in the outer world and that the only place i can call my own and where i feel i really belong is Home. Sabay sabi na, "kaya Ga, please wag ka masyado makalat ha?" :-)

Like all great people say, "this too shall pass..."

Photo Credit to Mr Hugo (via google search of "green apple")

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shoe Addict? No of course not.

I look forward to that day when I can start displaying all my shoes just like this without having to worry about Taal trying them all out. Im just worried that he might trip!

Now with the additional 3 new shoes from Zara's bargain employee sale, I ffel more compelled to fix my shoe rack. , How I wish the Husband can actually help me make one.

Monday, September 7, 2009

On Wedding planning

Weddings excite me so! And with another wedding coming soon, I feel like I need to exhaust all those wedding creativity juices i have left after the KAsalan 2007.

I have been working on this next family wedding for quite a while now. For weeks now, i have again been on wedding websites and last weekend, i attended a bridal fair. To my surprise though, i have learned to say "NO" to all those flyer givers during the fair. I just took flyers from those we need. My goal was the invites and TY card printers and the caterers. I did drop by Blow Up Babies' booth though for one studio shot. MY sister works there as an apprentice photographer so i dropped by and said hello.

Being assigned as the over-all coordinator for this upcoming wedding kind of a challenge. I realized how much time and effort is needed to make it all happen. The planning, the details, the finalization, the inspiration. I wonder how i got to work on mine!?

With almost only 4 months to plan this wedding, i feel the pressure's slowly kicking in. The bride is somewhere on the other side of the planet and so is the groom. The distance thus makes coordination a challenge. So far we have only the wedding date, church and reception venue finalized. The entourage (which is mostly members of our family) will take care of their own outfits with just a general design and color assignments.

The seminars and all other paper works will be done abroad. Thanks to the Philippine embassy and their local catholic church who offers such services. I only need to get some documental requirement here such as the CENOMAR, baptismal and confirmation certificates to take care of. And all of it I am just waiting to arrive. The waiting though is just killing me!

I finally got to work on a design for their souvenir and somehow worked on the invites. I still don't have the details though with regards to the church and reception address and what to actually include in the invites. Maybe asked someone to make a poem or get one of the groom's poems from his highschool days??

Last night, 27 Dresses was on in Star Movies. I noticed how the bridesmaid dresses she owned sucked. (side comment lang :-))

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Indecent Proposal et al

Its sad to realize that people actually think of you as someone only after the peso sign.
I am happy to tell the world that my world does not revolve on money. Great to have a lot but not having it will not kill me.
After watching Indecent Proposal twice in HBO during the weekend, I can actually say, I am really who I think I am. When it comes to being happy and being rich, I'd rather be happy. I would rather be poor and dream of having money, than be rich and dream of being happy.
Call it cliche, but money really can't buy everything.

Although, that mac book pro I've been eying on would really make me happier :-)

Or that Jaguar XF I see everyday...

A Range Rover sport could bring me to places...

Nice to dream, and since its free, why not dream BIG!!
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