Thursday, September 3, 2009

Indecent Proposal et al

Its sad to realize that people actually think of you as someone only after the peso sign.
I am happy to tell the world that my world does not revolve on money. Great to have a lot but not having it will not kill me.
After watching Indecent Proposal twice in HBO during the weekend, I can actually say, I am really who I think I am. When it comes to being happy and being rich, I'd rather be happy. I would rather be poor and dream of having money, than be rich and dream of being happy.
Call it cliche, but money really can't buy everything.

Although, that mac book pro I've been eying on would really make me happier :-)

Or that Jaguar XF I see everyday...

A Range Rover sport could bring me to places...

Nice to dream, and since its free, why not dream BIG!!
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