Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Newcomer complex?

Being a newbie may bring some advantages and disadvantages.
Right now, the disadvantages are more than the good ones. I guess not everyone trusts me as much as the Boss does. I spent my long ride home last night thinking and rethinking and i end up in front of our house being sad of what is and at the same time just glad to be home.

My last words before sleeping, aside from humming a lullaby for Taal, is that, I am lost in the outer world and that the only place i can call my own and where i feel i really belong is Home. Sabay sabi na, "kaya Ga, please wag ka masyado makalat ha?" :-)

Like all great people say, "this too shall pass..."

Photo Credit to Mr Hugo (via google search of "green apple")

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