Monday, September 7, 2009

On Wedding planning

Weddings excite me so! And with another wedding coming soon, I feel like I need to exhaust all those wedding creativity juices i have left after the KAsalan 2007.

I have been working on this next family wedding for quite a while now. For weeks now, i have again been on wedding websites and last weekend, i attended a bridal fair. To my surprise though, i have learned to say "NO" to all those flyer givers during the fair. I just took flyers from those we need. My goal was the invites and TY card printers and the caterers. I did drop by Blow Up Babies' booth though for one studio shot. MY sister works there as an apprentice photographer so i dropped by and said hello.

Being assigned as the over-all coordinator for this upcoming wedding kind of a challenge. I realized how much time and effort is needed to make it all happen. The planning, the details, the finalization, the inspiration. I wonder how i got to work on mine!?

With almost only 4 months to plan this wedding, i feel the pressure's slowly kicking in. The bride is somewhere on the other side of the planet and so is the groom. The distance thus makes coordination a challenge. So far we have only the wedding date, church and reception venue finalized. The entourage (which is mostly members of our family) will take care of their own outfits with just a general design and color assignments.

The seminars and all other paper works will be done abroad. Thanks to the Philippine embassy and their local catholic church who offers such services. I only need to get some documental requirement here such as the CENOMAR, baptismal and confirmation certificates to take care of. And all of it I am just waiting to arrive. The waiting though is just killing me!

I finally got to work on a design for their souvenir and somehow worked on the invites. I still don't have the details though with regards to the church and reception address and what to actually include in the invites. Maybe asked someone to make a poem or get one of the groom's poems from his highschool days??

Last night, 27 Dresses was on in Star Movies. I noticed how the bridesmaid dresses she owned sucked. (side comment lang :-))

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