Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On being responsible citizens

In the interest of being a good citizen and the want to practice our right to vote, me and the husband woke up early and headed to register for the election. 2 hours later, we are still here, under the scorching hot sun, together with hundreds others who actually believe one vote can make a difference. I'd like to think this chaos is because everyone else here are crammers like us but really, there should have been a system in place.

Getting the form from the fourth floor while the long accumulating line is outside the municipal hall complex is not anything like a system to me. But let's see.

On hour no. 2, the line is barely moving. I wonder if we should sleep over or something.

Then again, the bright side is having another government issued ID card. And we had to scorched ourselves for it. Honestly though, I like the heat. I wish I wore a 2-pc or something to maximize on the vitamin d from the morning sun. :-)
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