Friday, December 31, 2010

so long 2010, hugging 2011

Its the last day of 2010 and as I sit down and think of all the 2010 happenings and the 2011 to dos, i cant help but get a bit excited. Not a bit but a lot!

2010 was tough but fun.

-JK Wedding
-Fake friends to real ones

-Davao getaway
-HK with Ada
-The big leap back to SW
-Mt. Kanlaon renewal
-Mr Jones discovery
-Taal and his Trains
-Ada and Harry Potter

While i feel than 2011 will be tougher, im all ready to get it on! :-)

WK Wedding on April and as it is already 2011 today, we gotta work double time already on the preps. Mission: Find that perfect ALL-STAR WEDDING outfit.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Go South this weekend!

Sharing with you some great great reason why we should all head south this weekend.

Buy your groceries and some christmas shopping in Shopwise Alabang to get that x10 in points for your wisecard.

Cross over to Bellevue for their Four Seasons Bazaar on art, fashion and wellness. Then drive further more to ATC for the Big Toy Sale in Toys 'R Us.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fearfully sad me :-(

I have to let this out. Its going to be almost 1 year since my father passed away. Same day as I turn another year older. And I cant help but feel teary eyed every time I realize that that day is coming closer and closer.

Just like this very moment as I right this, I am having a hard time breathing and my hands are shaking. Maybe its because of the accumulated dust on my desk over the weekend. Or maybe of the grande Caramel Macchiato i just finished drinking. Or maybe not. I have been having this uneasiness since last week, without the dust and without coffee.

I am scared.

My father knows (or knew) i celebrate my birthday with a personal recollection. A review of the year that was, and plans for another year ahead. His birthday greeting, may it be a text message, a letter or a birthday card, will never fail to make me cry. Because its always full of emotions, real feelings and sapul parati.

I still continue to ask the universe the same question ever since that Nov 22 event last year. Why did it have to be my birthday?

I knew that Nov 22 will never be just the 22nd day of November. It will never be just that. And I can feel that it'll take me my whole life to get over this "uneasiness". Every year, every time i do my personal recollection.

I need strength to get through this.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Shopwise Spells C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

Having spent almost 2 months now back in arms of my first love, Shopwise, I am both happy and exhausted. Marketing for a retail and service oriented business is not easy as A-B-C.

Sharing with everybody our Christmas Ad this year. And I must say, one of my first hands-on project. I'm quite proud to be part of a group, a team that not only work great together but manages to still laugh and keep a smile despite the pressures that come with the work.


Follow/Like us here:
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Renewed by the mountains

The best gifts are those you never expected you've always wanted...

Like the weekend that I had. Started with an early morning flight that only left me one hour to sleep before leaving the house for the airport. But it ended with a blissful feeling of hope. Of love. And of clean and fresh starts...

Just like these photos...

Mother Nature spoke to me in a language i never thought i would understand so well.

Now my life, seema like its finally just beginning...

Thank you Mt. Kanlaon, for the weekend that was...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Crazy Shopping with Shopwise' Crazy deals!

Are you all ready for this??

B1T1 deals plus Free Rice for all to grab!

Not crazy enough? Watch out for the next promo theme on Sept 22. :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to the past...

I am back! and with a Bang!!

How many times have I said this in the past weeks? Haha!

Anyway, grabbing the chance to use the space of this post for my newly discovered trick. Facebook boxes!!!

I did not even know this can be done until today. Wow, where have I been?? Skipping on blogging is like being delayed in a lot of cyber news! But I am back. And to stay for good! :-)

All of you friends out there! Visit the Shopwise Facebook page and press that like button :-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Remembering the Dream

3rd post for the day. Excited much?


Anyway, I have been here in this chair, of this room, in this building for exactly 9 hours and 17 minutes. And I think I only spent more than 1 hour for official work-related matters.

I spent my morning travelling. In my mind I was in Italy. Strolling along the green fields in Dublin or aboard one of those gondolas in Venice... Europe!!!

So I googled "europe backpacking" and it lead me to one of the best sites I have ever chanced upon. Click Here Not that I have been to a lot of Euro tour websites... haha...

And yes, I should have included this in my earlier entry as part of my "major dream list".

And track record says, my major dreams are coming close to reality. Europe here I come!!!

Dreams coming true

For a 30-year old gal, I can say that i have dreams that already became reality. or at least close to it. I tell my friends that maybe, Im destined to die soon, since my dreams (or almost close to it) is one by one coming true:

As a kid I clearly remember dreaming of 2 major things:
1. to own a supermarket of my own; and
2. to own a Range Rover

Flashback to 2003 after I graduated, imagine my excitement to be interviewed for a position as an assistant to the VP for Store Operations of one of the biggest supermarkets in Metro Manila. And to top it all of, I get to go to the supermarket everyday since the office is in the supermarket! 6 years I served for him. I guess that's long enough?

When the President of a Motoring company interviewed me and only took 1 sit-down conversation for him to like me and hire me, I was more than excited to embrace the change and to hold office inside a car showroom and not just any other car showroom, but a Jaguar and Land Rover showroom!! The mere knowledge of why these cars are premiumly priced is already enough to make me say how much i appreciate this job. And I may not have bought myself a range rover, but i get to see it and sit on it as long as I want.. :-) that's good enough...

Now I am again faced to hold a position I have always dreamed of dreaming. Which is part of the dreams I had not as a kid but as a grown up and already working.

The big challenge is scary and stressful, I am sure, but the good thing despite all the fears, is that I am ready to face it and that I know that I can do it!

Now the more pressing challenge, is to get out of here and making the Boss understand my case and without him throwing me out of the office with curses.

I know I can do this!!

Blogger's block?

Been a while since i last posted anything.

So what made me post today? And why just now?

1. Im bored. I usually find time to write when I'm bored or when i'm over-excited about something. Why am I bored. My mind is already somewhere else. Not here where Im sitting now.

2. I realized how twitter works like magic. And I was just tweeting instead of writing long posts for this blog.

3. I traveled to a place where most of the websites go to is blocked, The Great "wall" of China, they call it. And I was there for more than a month combined (1st and second trip)

4. I was too depressed the past few months that i would not be able to write anything but how sad I was, and somehow, the depression was too deep that I did not want the world to know about it and that maybe i just couldn't...

5. Maybe too many stuffs to say blocked my brains off?

Oh well, I can go on and list all my reasons but the more pressing issue is why I decided to write again...

Because a big CHANGE is on my way...
Some spectacular force in the universe brought me to this path. And I am excited about it.
Big challenge, yes, but im up for it. super up for it.

And i get to get out of this frustrating world I'm in.

The "ghost month" may have started, but my blogging is definitely back again and not just for a month.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Car lighter inside expo, outside any car

If there's anything the expo security is overloaded of, aside from people, its the lighters that they confiscate upon passing through the thorough "kapkap" upon entering. And when I say, thorough, it really is.

Anyway, the lighters. It's so funny how smokers smoking inside would look around for someone just so they can have a light of the cigarette that has been sitting on their mouths for a while already. I hide my lighter under my bag and luckily, the security haven't found it.

Yesterday, the expo installed these lighter poles. Its like a fire hydrant only with 4 car lighters in it. I actually found it amazing. Our chinese friend here said, he finally can use his car charger out of his car :-)
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Puma boots in the world expo shanghai

Day No. 13 in shanghai.

Mr Sun shared some of his powers in our part of town :-).

Here's a photo of my sister Kei's boots, yes I took it off to take this shot, and walked around in my socks. The background is our country's pavilion.

With goosebumps, I must say, this is making me really proud to be part of all these shenanigans.

Another sunny day in the expo site today.

From shanghai with love,
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Cold in Shanghai

Its day number 4 now in Shanghai. 18 more days to go. I knew from the weather forecast sites that its going to be cold here. But the other night, I had to emergency buy a winter jacket (winter for me) from one of the stores we passed as we were hunting for a dinner place. I think the temperature that time was close to 6degrees celsius plus the strong cold winds we were fighting while walking the streets. I was already shaking and having a hard time using my hands.

So I bought this red fluffy jacket for Y88. Roughly around 600pesos. Was glad it was on sale and was so happy a store was still open around our area, that was already almost 10pm.

Yesterday, we walked the busy Nanjing Road and saw an outlet of the same shop where I bough fluffy. The same jacket was for Y99! Haha! I guess that was a good buy? :-)

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family's summer trips 2010

The husband is leaving for a 3-day trip to Leyte tomorrow.
Im leaving for a 26-day trip to Shanghai on the 16th.
And Ada is leaving for a 2-week vacation in Bacolod on the 17th.

We're all riding a plane. Taal will be staying at home.

I feel that we need to have a trip together soon. San kaya?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Project: Eradicate my misery

I believe there is always a lesson to every story. There is always something to learn. And the universe will keep giving us the same "stories" until we finally learn the real lesson.

Last Friday, 9 April 2010, i have made the decision to give up. I'm just fed up with the attitude of the people around me. I don't think they will ever understand the importance of some "risks" that needs to be taken. Its either they're just too "righteous" or they have something against me personally. Support is what I need. Constructive not Destructive criticism. Instead of second guessing every decision I make, why not help in coming up with a grand plan?!

The hypocracy level in this shithole has reached up to the too-high-to-bear level. And I'm just being dragged down. Life is too f*cking short to be miserable. So i'm ending this misery before it eats me alive.

But for now, I have the China project to worry about. And im so gonna make it work like hell that would make them all bend on their knees and bow to me. (ahaha! sobra naman na ata!)

So Shanghai, hug me in your Chinese arms and please make our projectors work :-)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm not sure if i'm still in that "quarter life" at my age to even say i may be having a "quarter life crisis".

There are certain aspects of my life that I'm sure and a hundred percent for it, but there are also parts t has question marks all over it.

This morning, my 2-year old boy was up when i was about to leave for work. While I was brushing my teeth, he also got his toothbrush and brushed away with me. Then he held my my hand and brought me to the door as if he was coming with me. He walked with me to our gate and before i opened the gate to get out, i called the Yaya to get him. For the past days that we was up before i head out, he would just say bye and give me a kiss, but this morning, when Yaya was bringing him in the house as I walk out, i saw the sadness in his eyes. And those small pouts as i get farther away. This broke my heart. Big time. That sad look in his eyes kept playing in my head all the way to work. :-(

A friend of mine from work is contemplating on some major decisions for her career. And as the "fake friend" that i am, I told her to choose and go for what she really wants/loves. And if the universe is bringing her to that direction, she should grab that chance cause God knows when it will come again. Even if it means her leaving our company, and again leaving me with no more "fake friend", I would rather that she go now than make her stay and hear her regret it and listen to her "what ifs" everyday. So fake friend, its now of never!

They say the healthiest way of spending one's twenty-four hour day cycles is simple:
8 hours - work
8 hours - sleep
8 hours - recreation
But in reality, how many hours does one spend time at work? Or for sleep? And any recreation at all? I spend 10 hours of my day for work. 7 hours of sleep, 3 hours in recreation and 4 hours travelling. Not healthy, not at all. Work is 41% of my day. And this 41% of my day, is this really what i really wanna do? Is this really the way I want to spend my 41%?

I know I'll forever be a mom to my kids, and a wife to my husband. Now, for the nth time, i am again in question mark on what I really want to do in life.

So P, anu ba talagang trip mo sa buhay?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Real life dragon??

Check this out! Life's litytle surprises that would leave you in awe... :-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Funny Ads

I think the Filipinos can do ads as witty as these ads. More ads in this site.

Work is work

I have to constantly remind myself that work is work.

Its hard enough to meet people's expectations, but to cover up for all your "friends" is even harder. This afternoon, i spend my time thinking and re-thinking of the limits of all relationships i get myself into. To the lowest level of just jeep-mates to the high of getting into my intimate zone.

Oh this crazy world we call "life".

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Really really cool stuffs

Due to some idle time in the office, (Boss got off earlier than usual). I got to do a little online searching and stumbled upon this website. I believe i already saw this site before and even blogged about some of the cool stuff i found then.

Today, the technology even moved forward, and the last post was barely 2 years ago! Got it all from this site

Here's something Shopwise and all other retail outlets there would be interested in.

World’s Lightest Cash Register

The EPOS-lite was inspired by the Apple MacBook Air and iPhone. Meant to be installed on a restaurant table, the portable cash register features programmable menu choices, wireless charging, and various payment options. Stephen Allport, the designer, notes on his page that enough interest has been shown in the device that it may be produced.

And I posted a recent Uboat watch photo. But this Incredible LED watch is definitely something else.

Incredible LED Watch

This watch was created by Hironao Tsuboi and developed by the studio found here. The watch looks like it’s all wristband until the digital display lights up.

How about this USBEE? May sound all ridiculous, but read on what its all about!

The USBee

The USBee was designed to prevent the damage to USB drives seen so often with conventional USB use. The elastic neck will bend when pushed in any axis. This also means that it can fit into tight spaces where other USB drives dare not go. The lines at the end keep USBee cool and ergonomically pleasing. Designed by Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic.

Last but definitely not the least. Who would not dream of having something like this baby? All you sales agents out there would drool over this. Imagine walking to a client with this gadget?

Portable PC with Projector

The Portable PC is an amazing concept by Jinwoo Han. If you are a little sick of having to arrange in advance for a digital projector at a meeting or tradeshow, you’ll love the Portable PC concept. Computer, keyboard, and projector all in one device. Use the back of the airline seat in front of you as your digital display. The laptop without the lap.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is a 90k pesos watch.. I would love to have this and call it mine. But even if I had the money for this, I may just not be that kind of person who would buy such an expensive body decor. For a watch, my max is maybe 20k. That is if I had like a million pesos in my account. Minimum. Good morning everyone!
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Passport Renewal: DONE

Almost 6 hours in line. That's not very efficient at all.
Good thing this is what I last saw in the last waiting area where we again waited for almost an hour. Taken using my Nokia 6303's 3.2 megapixel camera.

The passport renewal steps:
1. Initial verification - it took us 1 and 1/2 hours to even get to this step. And what happened during this step? Two guys stamping, one, a number to each application forms, and the other, a "DFA received" mark with date. If you ask me, this does not at all make any matter. And the stamping guys seems like they have been practicing, they stamp so fast! Yet, we had to wait so long for that less than 30 second moment on this table...

2. Second Verification - it took us another hour to get to this step. Where everyone will choose a line from the 4 or more windows open. A personnel reviews the docs, type something in the computer, signs the docs, then done. The whole thing took only less than a minute, but getting there is like forever.

3. Personal Appearance - this is when the line started to crumple. I think this is where we lost our "real" line. We were in line for more than an hour, but this step is the real thing. When the personnel will check every attached requirement and will even pop some questions from the docs you submitted. The personnel who handled my application, JOHNE, asked me when we got married.

4. Payment - this was the shortest line in all the steps. 500 pesos for those not very in a hurry, they get the passport 14 days later, or to make it get to your in 7 days, you pay addtional 250pesos.

5. Computerization - the maze going to the "Auditorium", I found it fun. Inside my head, I was trying on how the directional signages installed will accurately bring me to my destination. And after several lefts and rights, I finally got to the auditorium where Jay saved me a seat. One hour in line and I was finally called to my last station. Sadly, the lady rejected my photo and I had to have my picture taken. Another 150 pesos damage for that 6pcs of new passport pictures taken and printed right on the spot. But if this will finish the job, then I would even pay even double that.

5. Fingerprinting - the last freaking step. And the dirtiest of all.

We went out of DFA by 1220pm. Whew!

Bonus: Jay left the headlights on, so after almost 6 hours of waiting in line, no food at all, and in the middle of the day with the sun so up, I had to help push the discharged van.

Passpor renewal: time check no. 1

2 and 1/2 hours after, and we're still in line for step 3. How many steps is this again? 4 or 5? This may actually take longer than I thought. My being just late to filing a half day leave instead. Not good.

I'm not yet hungry though. Just a bit thirsty. My gum's been in my mouth for 3 and 1/2 hours already.

My inspiration to keep that positive attitude: my dad went thru this same process, so I this should not be that hard. I can do this!

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Passport renewal

After months of planning on renewing my passport, I finally had the chance to do it today. An officemate of mine, Jay, needed to have his passport renewed for a scheduled business trip sometime early March. I dragged along, why?1) convenience of having picked up, since he also lived in the south, 2) it really way past due and (fingers crossed) any emergency business trip would just be a bliss with a ready passport. 3) the super early morning trip would save me from filing a full day leave, that is, if things go as planned, we'll be in the office latest 10am.

I could have opted to do the online application, which I have been recommending to everyone I know who needed a passport, but this time, I wanted to see how efficient is the "efficiency" that DFA has been bragging about in the passport issuance department. So together with Jay, we patiently waited, and still waiting, in line to get this thing done. So far, we have been here for 36mins now and so far, we are still outside the processing area, with almost 300 people in front of us. If we get this done within 2 hours, I guess that would be acceptable. Let's wait and see

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Education

After some months of ultra-depressing entries, i think i should rather focus on the nice things i experience in this world.

Like this move, "AN EDUCATION". Thanks to Mo Twister for the suggestion and for saving me time from waiting for it to download, he gave me a copy. No we are not really close friends, just friends. We dropped by their station the other day to promote on some of our products. I must say, he's really nice. Very far from what kind of person thought he was.

Anyway, the movie. Here are some fun stuffs i gathered from IMDB.

  • Made Variety's 2007 list of best unproduced British screenplays.

  • Director Lone Scherfig says she experimented with giving the actors options during scenes. For instance, she told Peter Sarsgaard that if he felt like it he could start a conversation with an extra playing a doorman in one scene despite there not being any written dialogue.

  • Carey Mulligan mentioned in an interview at the Sundance Film Festival that some of the most enjoyable moments of filming where when there were actors who only came in for a day or so, like Sally Hawkins and Emma Thompson, and she particularly enjoyed the four scenes she shot with the latter, whom she described as being "amazing", and called her acting "brilliant".

  • The author of the original account, Lynn Barber stipulated in her contract that she would be allowed to see and comment (but not alter) every draft written by the screenwriter, Nick Hornby. She mentioned that she was happy with most of the changes, but her one regret was that Hornby changed the name of her lover, Simon, to David, which was her real husband's name. She stated that "I wish in retrospect I'd put up a fight".

  • Whilst the screenplay was being written, the producers were looking for directors; Beeban Kidron was on board for a year and half, and helped develop the script. She was forced to pull out because of a commitment to Hippi Hippie Shake.

  • The creative team were initially worried about casting the 22 year old Carey Mulligan in the role of a 16 year old, but were convinced by her screen test. Rosamund Pike reportedly really wanted the small part of Helen, because "no one ever lets me be funny".

  • Orlando Bloom dropped out a week before filming began; Dominic Cooper, who had previously been in talks, replaced him.

Reminded me of the stupid things we do or did for love.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Expressing something else

I should really start going back to writing. I don't even know if someone out there really reads my blog but I know it frees me. From stress, from the everyday pressures of life. It frees my soul every time I express my mind. And I should start again soon.

It has been almost 2 months since my Dad died. And somehow that part of him in me, is still in sadness. He was the one who inspired me to write. He who criticized everything I did so I would aim to be better. Because it was him, who I always wanted to please. In the world I'm in, in this life I have been living, he's that silent guiding star. Everything I am now, I somehow owe it to him. He was a friend, and what's great about it is that he's my father. He's the toughee but really a softee. He may sometimes sound unreasonable, but in the end, it sucks because he's right!
As I scanned through the books on sale in Powerbooks just before I boarded the shuttle going home, I was silently conversing with him. And how much his "tail" would have waved with the bins-full of books on 70% off.
As I try hard to keep myself from melting down into tears inside this van, I remember him and how much he really made us the Family that we are now. And I thank the good Lord above, for giving us, the coolest and most loving father one could ever have.

Happy happy birthday Papa. I know I'm a week late in posting this. His birthday was last Jan 11. Together with this post is a photo of what we did last Jan 11, at 12 midnight in Laiya beach.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Moment of weakness

3 days before my brother's wedding and again, sadness engulfs me more than the excitement. Well at least for this moment. I'll be fine again maybe after a few hours. But for now, I'd let myself be. What ifs and what could have beens can really bring one to the abyss of depression.

Now on my way to the office, aboard a shuttle from sucat to makati, and trying hard to keep myself from crying...

I miss you so much Pa.
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