Monday, January 18, 2010

Expressing something else

I should really start going back to writing. I don't even know if someone out there really reads my blog but I know it frees me. From stress, from the everyday pressures of life. It frees my soul every time I express my mind. And I should start again soon.

It has been almost 2 months since my Dad died. And somehow that part of him in me, is still in sadness. He was the one who inspired me to write. He who criticized everything I did so I would aim to be better. Because it was him, who I always wanted to please. In the world I'm in, in this life I have been living, he's that silent guiding star. Everything I am now, I somehow owe it to him. He was a friend, and what's great about it is that he's my father. He's the toughee but really a softee. He may sometimes sound unreasonable, but in the end, it sucks because he's right!
As I scanned through the books on sale in Powerbooks just before I boarded the shuttle going home, I was silently conversing with him. And how much his "tail" would have waved with the bins-full of books on 70% off.
As I try hard to keep myself from melting down into tears inside this van, I remember him and how much he really made us the Family that we are now. And I thank the good Lord above, for giving us, the coolest and most loving father one could ever have.

Happy happy birthday Papa. I know I'm a week late in posting this. His birthday was last Jan 11. Together with this post is a photo of what we did last Jan 11, at 12 midnight in Laiya beach.

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