Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Education

After some months of ultra-depressing entries, i think i should rather focus on the nice things i experience in this world.

Like this move, "AN EDUCATION". Thanks to Mo Twister for the suggestion and for saving me time from waiting for it to download, he gave me a copy. No we are not really close friends, just friends. We dropped by their station the other day to promote on some of our products. I must say, he's really nice. Very far from what kind of person thought he was.

Anyway, the movie. Here are some fun stuffs i gathered from IMDB.

  • Made Variety's 2007 list of best unproduced British screenplays.

  • Director Lone Scherfig says she experimented with giving the actors options during scenes. For instance, she told Peter Sarsgaard that if he felt like it he could start a conversation with an extra playing a doorman in one scene despite there not being any written dialogue.

  • Carey Mulligan mentioned in an interview at the Sundance Film Festival that some of the most enjoyable moments of filming where when there were actors who only came in for a day or so, like Sally Hawkins and Emma Thompson, and she particularly enjoyed the four scenes she shot with the latter, whom she described as being "amazing", and called her acting "brilliant".

  • The author of the original account, Lynn Barber stipulated in her contract that she would be allowed to see and comment (but not alter) every draft written by the screenwriter, Nick Hornby. She mentioned that she was happy with most of the changes, but her one regret was that Hornby changed the name of her lover, Simon, to David, which was her real husband's name. She stated that "I wish in retrospect I'd put up a fight".

  • Whilst the screenplay was being written, the producers were looking for directors; Beeban Kidron was on board for a year and half, and helped develop the script. She was forced to pull out because of a commitment to Hippi Hippie Shake.

  • The creative team were initially worried about casting the 22 year old Carey Mulligan in the role of a 16 year old, but were convinced by her screen test. Rosamund Pike reportedly really wanted the small part of Helen, because "no one ever lets me be funny".

  • Orlando Bloom dropped out a week before filming began; Dominic Cooper, who had previously been in talks, replaced him.

Reminded me of the stupid things we do or did for love.

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