Monday, February 22, 2010

Passport Renewal: DONE

Almost 6 hours in line. That's not very efficient at all.
Good thing this is what I last saw in the last waiting area where we again waited for almost an hour. Taken using my Nokia 6303's 3.2 megapixel camera.

The passport renewal steps:
1. Initial verification - it took us 1 and 1/2 hours to even get to this step. And what happened during this step? Two guys stamping, one, a number to each application forms, and the other, a "DFA received" mark with date. If you ask me, this does not at all make any matter. And the stamping guys seems like they have been practicing, they stamp so fast! Yet, we had to wait so long for that less than 30 second moment on this table...

2. Second Verification - it took us another hour to get to this step. Where everyone will choose a line from the 4 or more windows open. A personnel reviews the docs, type something in the computer, signs the docs, then done. The whole thing took only less than a minute, but getting there is like forever.

3. Personal Appearance - this is when the line started to crumple. I think this is where we lost our "real" line. We were in line for more than an hour, but this step is the real thing. When the personnel will check every attached requirement and will even pop some questions from the docs you submitted. The personnel who handled my application, JOHNE, asked me when we got married.

4. Payment - this was the shortest line in all the steps. 500 pesos for those not very in a hurry, they get the passport 14 days later, or to make it get to your in 7 days, you pay addtional 250pesos.

5. Computerization - the maze going to the "Auditorium", I found it fun. Inside my head, I was trying on how the directional signages installed will accurately bring me to my destination. And after several lefts and rights, I finally got to the auditorium where Jay saved me a seat. One hour in line and I was finally called to my last station. Sadly, the lady rejected my photo and I had to have my picture taken. Another 150 pesos damage for that 6pcs of new passport pictures taken and printed right on the spot. But if this will finish the job, then I would even pay even double that.

5. Fingerprinting - the last freaking step. And the dirtiest of all.

We went out of DFA by 1220pm. Whew!

Bonus: Jay left the headlights on, so after almost 6 hours of waiting in line, no food at all, and in the middle of the day with the sun so up, I had to help push the discharged van.

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