Monday, February 22, 2010

Passport renewal

After months of planning on renewing my passport, I finally had the chance to do it today. An officemate of mine, Jay, needed to have his passport renewed for a scheduled business trip sometime early March. I dragged along, why?1) convenience of having picked up, since he also lived in the south, 2) it really way past due and (fingers crossed) any emergency business trip would just be a bliss with a ready passport. 3) the super early morning trip would save me from filing a full day leave, that is, if things go as planned, we'll be in the office latest 10am.

I could have opted to do the online application, which I have been recommending to everyone I know who needed a passport, but this time, I wanted to see how efficient is the "efficiency" that DFA has been bragging about in the passport issuance department. So together with Jay, we patiently waited, and still waiting, in line to get this thing done. So far, we have been here for 36mins now and so far, we are still outside the processing area, with almost 300 people in front of us. If we get this done within 2 hours, I guess that would be acceptable. Let's wait and see

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