Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm not sure if i'm still in that "quarter life" at my age to even say i may be having a "quarter life crisis".

There are certain aspects of my life that I'm sure and a hundred percent for it, but there are also parts t has question marks all over it.

This morning, my 2-year old boy was up when i was about to leave for work. While I was brushing my teeth, he also got his toothbrush and brushed away with me. Then he held my my hand and brought me to the door as if he was coming with me. He walked with me to our gate and before i opened the gate to get out, i called the Yaya to get him. For the past days that we was up before i head out, he would just say bye and give me a kiss, but this morning, when Yaya was bringing him in the house as I walk out, i saw the sadness in his eyes. And those small pouts as i get farther away. This broke my heart. Big time. That sad look in his eyes kept playing in my head all the way to work. :-(

A friend of mine from work is contemplating on some major decisions for her career. And as the "fake friend" that i am, I told her to choose and go for what she really wants/loves. And if the universe is bringing her to that direction, she should grab that chance cause God knows when it will come again. Even if it means her leaving our company, and again leaving me with no more "fake friend", I would rather that she go now than make her stay and hear her regret it and listen to her "what ifs" everyday. So fake friend, its now of never!

They say the healthiest way of spending one's twenty-four hour day cycles is simple:
8 hours - work
8 hours - sleep
8 hours - recreation
But in reality, how many hours does one spend time at work? Or for sleep? And any recreation at all? I spend 10 hours of my day for work. 7 hours of sleep, 3 hours in recreation and 4 hours travelling. Not healthy, not at all. Work is 41% of my day. And this 41% of my day, is this really what i really wanna do? Is this really the way I want to spend my 41%?

I know I'll forever be a mom to my kids, and a wife to my husband. Now, for the nth time, i am again in question mark on what I really want to do in life.

So P, anu ba talagang trip mo sa buhay?

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Archon Digital said...

got myself in sort of the same "quarter life crisis" thing while working outside the country. Working too many hours and having no one to share your free time with...

You later realize there's a lot more to life than what you are facing right now and you just move forward and take the plunge, whatever that is.