Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Really really cool stuffs

Due to some idle time in the office, (Boss got off earlier than usual). I got to do a little online searching and stumbled upon this website. I believe i already saw this site before and even blogged about some of the cool stuff i found then.

Today, the technology even moved forward, and the last post was barely 2 years ago! Got it all from this site

Here's something Shopwise and all other retail outlets there would be interested in.

World’s Lightest Cash Register

The EPOS-lite was inspired by the Apple MacBook Air and iPhone. Meant to be installed on a restaurant table, the portable cash register features programmable menu choices, wireless charging, and various payment options. Stephen Allport, the designer, notes on his page that enough interest has been shown in the device that it may be produced.

And I posted a recent Uboat watch photo. But this Incredible LED watch is definitely something else.

Incredible LED Watch

This watch was created by Hironao Tsuboi and developed by the studio found here. The watch looks like it’s all wristband until the digital display lights up.

How about this USBEE? May sound all ridiculous, but read on what its all about!

The USBee

The USBee was designed to prevent the damage to USB drives seen so often with conventional USB use. The elastic neck will bend when pushed in any axis. This also means that it can fit into tight spaces where other USB drives dare not go. The lines at the end keep USBee cool and ergonomically pleasing. Designed by Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic.

Last but definitely not the least. Who would not dream of having something like this baby? All you sales agents out there would drool over this. Imagine walking to a client with this gadget?

Portable PC with Projector

The Portable PC is an amazing concept by Jinwoo Han. If you are a little sick of having to arrange in advance for a digital projector at a meeting or tradeshow, you’ll love the Portable PC concept. Computer, keyboard, and projector all in one device. Use the back of the airline seat in front of you as your digital display. The laptop without the lap.


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