Thursday, April 29, 2010

Car lighter inside expo, outside any car

If there's anything the expo security is overloaded of, aside from people, its the lighters that they confiscate upon passing through the thorough "kapkap" upon entering. And when I say, thorough, it really is.

Anyway, the lighters. It's so funny how smokers smoking inside would look around for someone just so they can have a light of the cigarette that has been sitting on their mouths for a while already. I hide my lighter under my bag and luckily, the security haven't found it.

Yesterday, the expo installed these lighter poles. Its like a fire hydrant only with 4 car lighters in it. I actually found it amazing. Our chinese friend here said, he finally can use his car charger out of his car :-)
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Puma boots in the world expo shanghai

Day No. 13 in shanghai.

Mr Sun shared some of his powers in our part of town :-).

Here's a photo of my sister Kei's boots, yes I took it off to take this shot, and walked around in my socks. The background is our country's pavilion.

With goosebumps, I must say, this is making me really proud to be part of all these shenanigans.

Another sunny day in the expo site today.

From shanghai with love,
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Cold in Shanghai

Its day number 4 now in Shanghai. 18 more days to go. I knew from the weather forecast sites that its going to be cold here. But the other night, I had to emergency buy a winter jacket (winter for me) from one of the stores we passed as we were hunting for a dinner place. I think the temperature that time was close to 6degrees celsius plus the strong cold winds we were fighting while walking the streets. I was already shaking and having a hard time using my hands.

So I bought this red fluffy jacket for Y88. Roughly around 600pesos. Was glad it was on sale and was so happy a store was still open around our area, that was already almost 10pm.

Yesterday, we walked the busy Nanjing Road and saw an outlet of the same shop where I bough fluffy. The same jacket was for Y99! Haha! I guess that was a good buy? :-)

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family's summer trips 2010

The husband is leaving for a 3-day trip to Leyte tomorrow.
Im leaving for a 26-day trip to Shanghai on the 16th.
And Ada is leaving for a 2-week vacation in Bacolod on the 17th.

We're all riding a plane. Taal will be staying at home.

I feel that we need to have a trip together soon. San kaya?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Project: Eradicate my misery

I believe there is always a lesson to every story. There is always something to learn. And the universe will keep giving us the same "stories" until we finally learn the real lesson.

Last Friday, 9 April 2010, i have made the decision to give up. I'm just fed up with the attitude of the people around me. I don't think they will ever understand the importance of some "risks" that needs to be taken. Its either they're just too "righteous" or they have something against me personally. Support is what I need. Constructive not Destructive criticism. Instead of second guessing every decision I make, why not help in coming up with a grand plan?!

The hypocracy level in this shithole has reached up to the too-high-to-bear level. And I'm just being dragged down. Life is too f*cking short to be miserable. So i'm ending this misery before it eats me alive.

But for now, I have the China project to worry about. And im so gonna make it work like hell that would make them all bend on their knees and bow to me. (ahaha! sobra naman na ata!)

So Shanghai, hug me in your Chinese arms and please make our projectors work :-)