Monday, April 19, 2010

Cold in Shanghai

Its day number 4 now in Shanghai. 18 more days to go. I knew from the weather forecast sites that its going to be cold here. But the other night, I had to emergency buy a winter jacket (winter for me) from one of the stores we passed as we were hunting for a dinner place. I think the temperature that time was close to 6degrees celsius plus the strong cold winds we were fighting while walking the streets. I was already shaking and having a hard time using my hands.

So I bought this red fluffy jacket for Y88. Roughly around 600pesos. Was glad it was on sale and was so happy a store was still open around our area, that was already almost 10pm.

Yesterday, we walked the busy Nanjing Road and saw an outlet of the same shop where I bough fluffy. The same jacket was for Y99! Haha! I guess that was a good buy? :-)

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Chiqui said...

Ana!!! Nice blog. Nice to see you and Hanna in blog world. Take care always. :)