Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Remembering the Dream

3rd post for the day. Excited much?


Anyway, I have been here in this chair, of this room, in this building for exactly 9 hours and 17 minutes. And I think I only spent more than 1 hour for official work-related matters.

I spent my morning travelling. In my mind I was in Italy. Strolling along the green fields in Dublin or aboard one of those gondolas in Venice... Europe!!!

So I googled "europe backpacking" and it lead me to one of the best sites I have ever chanced upon. Click Here Not that I have been to a lot of Euro tour websites... haha...

And yes, I should have included this in my earlier entry as part of my "major dream list".

And track record says, my major dreams are coming close to reality. Europe here I come!!!

Dreams coming true

For a 30-year old gal, I can say that i have dreams that already became reality. or at least close to it. I tell my friends that maybe, Im destined to die soon, since my dreams (or almost close to it) is one by one coming true:

As a kid I clearly remember dreaming of 2 major things:
1. to own a supermarket of my own; and
2. to own a Range Rover

Flashback to 2003 after I graduated, imagine my excitement to be interviewed for a position as an assistant to the VP for Store Operations of one of the biggest supermarkets in Metro Manila. And to top it all of, I get to go to the supermarket everyday since the office is in the supermarket! 6 years I served for him. I guess that's long enough?

When the President of a Motoring company interviewed me and only took 1 sit-down conversation for him to like me and hire me, I was more than excited to embrace the change and to hold office inside a car showroom and not just any other car showroom, but a Jaguar and Land Rover showroom!! The mere knowledge of why these cars are premiumly priced is already enough to make me say how much i appreciate this job. And I may not have bought myself a range rover, but i get to see it and sit on it as long as I want.. :-) that's good enough...

Now I am again faced to hold a position I have always dreamed of dreaming. Which is part of the dreams I had not as a kid but as a grown up and already working.

The big challenge is scary and stressful, I am sure, but the good thing despite all the fears, is that I am ready to face it and that I know that I can do it!

Now the more pressing challenge, is to get out of here and making the Boss understand my case and without him throwing me out of the office with curses.

I know I can do this!!

Blogger's block?

Been a while since i last posted anything.

So what made me post today? And why just now?

1. Im bored. I usually find time to write when I'm bored or when i'm over-excited about something. Why am I bored. My mind is already somewhere else. Not here where Im sitting now.

2. I realized how twitter works like magic. And I was just tweeting instead of writing long posts for this blog.

3. I traveled to a place where most of the websites go to is blocked, The Great "wall" of China, they call it. And I was there for more than a month combined (1st and second trip)

4. I was too depressed the past few months that i would not be able to write anything but how sad I was, and somehow, the depression was too deep that I did not want the world to know about it and that maybe i just couldn't...

5. Maybe too many stuffs to say blocked my brains off?

Oh well, I can go on and list all my reasons but the more pressing issue is why I decided to write again...

Because a big CHANGE is on my way...
Some spectacular force in the universe brought me to this path. And I am excited about it.
Big challenge, yes, but im up for it. super up for it.

And i get to get out of this frustrating world I'm in.

The "ghost month" may have started, but my blogging is definitely back again and not just for a month.