Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blogger's block?

Been a while since i last posted anything.

So what made me post today? And why just now?

1. Im bored. I usually find time to write when I'm bored or when i'm over-excited about something. Why am I bored. My mind is already somewhere else. Not here where Im sitting now.

2. I realized how twitter works like magic. And I was just tweeting instead of writing long posts for this blog.

3. I traveled to a place where most of the websites go to is blocked, The Great "wall" of China, they call it. And I was there for more than a month combined (1st and second trip)

4. I was too depressed the past few months that i would not be able to write anything but how sad I was, and somehow, the depression was too deep that I did not want the world to know about it and that maybe i just couldn't...

5. Maybe too many stuffs to say blocked my brains off?

Oh well, I can go on and list all my reasons but the more pressing issue is why I decided to write again...

Because a big CHANGE is on my way...
Some spectacular force in the universe brought me to this path. And I am excited about it.
Big challenge, yes, but im up for it. super up for it.

And i get to get out of this frustrating world I'm in.

The "ghost month" may have started, but my blogging is definitely back again and not just for a month.

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