Friday, December 31, 2010

so long 2010, hugging 2011

Its the last day of 2010 and as I sit down and think of all the 2010 happenings and the 2011 to dos, i cant help but get a bit excited. Not a bit but a lot!

2010 was tough but fun.

-JK Wedding
-Fake friends to real ones

-Davao getaway
-HK with Ada
-The big leap back to SW
-Mt. Kanlaon renewal
-Mr Jones discovery
-Taal and his Trains
-Ada and Harry Potter

While i feel than 2011 will be tougher, im all ready to get it on! :-)

WK Wedding on April and as it is already 2011 today, we gotta work double time already on the preps. Mission: Find that perfect ALL-STAR WEDDING outfit.

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