Sunday, November 27, 2011

Diversity in Waiting

I have been to and from the airport for the past 3 weeks. From early morning flight departure to midnight arrivals. From NAIA terminal 1 to terminal 3. Domestic and International. I have "deposited" almost thousand pesos worth of fee in the Skyway toll counter and have collected loads of paper receipts from them in return.

I have always liked being part of that group that goes to the airport to pick up or bring someone to her or his flight. In the past this is almost always lead by my Dad plus 2 more from the clan.
And now, I am once again on the lookout for the arrival of the husband's plane to land here in Terminal 1. The difference now, is that im waiting all by myself.

I find the diversity really amazing: from all walks of life, commuters to long distance drivers, from BMWs to tamaraw fx to Sarao jeeps, are all here for the same reason: to wait for someone's arrival.

Everyone is on the lookout for text messages, or PA announcement.

I love that fact that each one has their own stories; Kuya arriving from Saudi or Ate arriving from a short trip to Singapore or Dad from a business trip in Europe, or a cousin based in the US and will be spending time to meet the kins.

As for me, I'm here on my own. Just got a text that the husband's plane just landed. And that will take another 30 minutes before he gets out of the airport from baggage claiming to immigration arrival stamping.

I guess its time to get out and start walking to the arrival hall....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who knows how we do it?

I was lucky to have a fast internet (at least for the past days) and was able to finish downloading a R5 file of the movie "I dont know how she Does it".

Its a movie that illustrates quite well, what goes on in a working mom's life. And as a working mom myself, at the end of the day, those crazy elements are what makes us and wont be complete without it. Its never about choosing to drop one off, between family and work, but is more on priorities and time management. :-)

It works, like magic for me, or so i think. hehe

I guess im just not the home-maker or house wife type.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wandering Mind with Guilt

Im at work but my head is somewhere else. We have this internal campaign for our company's value-building efforts and i should be happy that its working on me. One of the 3k employees of this company is living, or atleast trying to live her working day to meet up to the company's core values, or atleast one - malasakit. I come to the office with my mind somewhere else and i feel freakin' guilty about it.

One of the people under me had it from the Boss yesterday during our staff meeting. And i actually felt bad that i had to tell the truth even if it meant for her to be in trouble. She said Yes to a question i asked when the truth was it was a "no". And the "no" is such a big deal that people started calling about it and it was a mess that could have been avoided. I felt bad, i did. But somehow, it was a lesson for her to learn.

Anyway, i just to write it down.

And by the way, i had this weird dream this morning. It was so eventful that its confusing me. I can't seem to remember the details of the series of events that was in the dream. But i know it was a lot...

Monday, October 31, 2011

November by tomorrow...

Its the last day of October today. Another year has passed... it'll be that month of the year again, ada's birthday, my Lola's and mine too. And it'll be again a reminder of that faithful day that my dad passed away...

I"m not sure until when will i feel this way every November. But so far, its the second year since then and i still fear that i'd feel the same. I kinda feel my hands shaking now... Well, its Halloween anyway..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mystery like L-O-V-E

The world is a universe of questions and more questions. Everyone of us, throws a question more than make a statement in a day. Today, i encountered a gargantuan book of question. Some with answers, most without. And what can be more bugging than a list of questions without answers. Some because its too soon to tell but most are really unanswerable.

After spending time with some friends (real ones, not fake friends), i can proudly say, that I do have some. I mean real friends who i know will stand by me and have accepted me for who I am without the pretenses and the malice.

I then started to think of that being that's been throwing questions at me without it even knowing, Then I thought how much i should be thankful and how lucky i have been to have been blessed with a sound mind (sometimes), a healthy body (at least i think so), an attentive and absorbent brain (medyo), and a clear and clean soul to top it all.

I dont have to pretend to be happy or nice. I have every reason to be. I am what I am.

Monday, August 1, 2011


i want to write. but i just can seem to find it, that inspiration. those words i wanna share. those words i wanna say. Its just not coming to me now.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gen X and Gen Y Managers

I have recently been given the opportunity to take more responsibilites in the office. And it seems that things may be moving faster than i have planned but the good thing about it is that it is moving.

Given the supposedly wider range in terms of work coverage, and since i am admitting to the fact that i have yet to learn, i cannot help but give my own opinion on how bosses and managers from my past and present lead their own work forces. At my age, i must say im quite younger than the rest of the managers currently holding the same position as I am in the different departments of our company. They are mostly Gen X. Im more Gen Y.

I would come home each night, when my remaining energy still permits, with stories on the bits and pieces of how my day work as I relay it to the husband. He would always give his own thoughts on things and share his own experiences in his work place. It was just the other day when he said something about how he thinks that our generation may be a different breed of managers compared to the older ones. That we are more of a team player than suckers for power. It sounded logical. It seemed, at the time, the most logical explanation to my hundred and one questions on why bosses are how they are.

I wonder if you guys would agree?

I finally found time to google it up. Gen X vs. X vs. Baby Boomers. And from the results that came out, it seems like it is indeed a universal occurrence. Here are some excerpts from the articles I read:
Generation X, born between l960 and l980, grew up with pet rocks, platform shoes and watched The Simpsons. They question authority, seek bigger meaning in life and work, are technologically savvy, live in the present, are skeptical, see career as a key to happiness, are open to multi-careers, consider challenge and variety as being more important than job security and constantly aim to achieve work-life balance.Studies show that Generation X managers is typically mature beyond their years, very adaptable and flexible, and team oriented. They have high expectations of employees and don't buy into power structures, rather they prefer the project-based approach to work. Generation X managers need positive validation for their work or they will not hesitate to quit their jobs. They hate being micro-managed and want independence in their work, which may explain why so many of this generation have turned to entrepreneurship. source

Today's Generation X employees (born between 1960 and 1975) have higher expectations of what managers should do to support them than the Baby Boomer generation had before them. Generation Y (1976-2001) workers have even greater needs for feedback and development. Baby boomers grew up in a time when having a job was considered thanks enough. Gen-Y workers and, to a lesser extent, Gen-X workers, are accustomed to praise, reinforcement and time to develop their interests and skills. source

Generations X and Y: What They Care About

The new generations of leaders often have a completely different way of working from their older counterparts. (Keep in mind that we can't discuss all of the characteristics of these new groups in such a short space. Also, not everyone in these generations fits these characteristics: we're going to make some huge generalizations here, however hopefully these generalizations will be useful!)

For example, while boomers usually view long hours as evidence of loyalty and hard work, Gen X and Y tend to try to have more work/life balance. They've seen their parents' lack of quality of life, and the lack of loyalty companies showed to these hard-working parents in the 1990s, and they're not impressed.

They want flexible hours, more vacation time, continuous training, and telecommuting options. They expect to leverage technology to work efficiently instead of staying late in the office to get it all done.

Boomers have traditionally felt that you have to "pay your dues" to your company – and if you hate your job, that's just part of life. Generations X and Y typically don't accept this; they want rewarding, intellectually stimulating work – and they don't want someone watching them too closely to check on their progress. These new groups are independent, creative, and forward thinking. They celebrate cultural diversity, technology, and feedback, and they prefer more of a "lattice" or individualized approach to management (as opposed to the traditional "corporate ladder").

The new generations also tend to like teamwork. Studies have shown that colleague relationships rank very high on Gen X and Y's list of priorities. Things like salary and prestige can often rank lower than boomers might expect, or might want for themselves. source

The conclusion? the answer is AGE GAP. :P

Being Pro on Life

We all use the word "professional". But does it only mean getting paid for a job one does? Like in the case of a pro photographer or a pro model. No matter how much number of zeros are associated with our supposedly professional life, can we really call ourselves one? This is a question I posted to myself a couple of times already. Suddenly, I became unsure of myself and was surprised by the fact that my daily routine, the work I attend to everyday, the desk I work on and the almost 12hours I dedicate to this so-called"work" is indeed a career. My career.

Google lead me to this article.

Are You a Professional?
How you look, talk, write, act and work determines whether you are a professional or an amateur. Society does not emphasize the importance of professionalism, so people tend to believe that amateur work is normal. Many businesses accept less-than-good results.

Schools graduate students who cannot read. You can miss 15% of the driving-test answers and still get a driver license. "Just getting by" is an attitude many people accept. But it is the attitude of amateurs.

"Don't ever do anything as though you were an amateur.

"Anything you do, do it as a Professional to Professional standards.

"If you have the idea about anything you do that you just dabble in it, you will wind up with a dabble life. There'll be no satisfaction in it because there will be no real production you can be proud of.

"Develop the frame of mind that whatever you do, you are doing it as a professional and move up to professional standards in it.

"Never let it be said of you that you lived an amateur life.

"Professionals see situations and they handle what they see. They are not amateur dabblers.

"So learn this as a first lesson about life. The only successful beings in any field, including living itself, are those who have a professional viewpoint and make themselves and ARE professionals" — L. Ron Hubbard

A professional learns every aspect of the job. An amateur skips the learning process whenever possible.

A professional carefully discovers what is needed and wanted. An amateur assumes what others need and want.

A professional looks, speaks and dresses like a professional. An amateur is sloppy in appearance and speech.

A professional keeps his or her work area clean and orderly. An amateur has a messy, confused or dirty work area.

A professional is focused and clear-headed. An amateur is confused and distracted.

A professional does not let mistakes slide by. An amateur ignores or hides mistakes.

A professional jumps into difficult assignments. An amateur tries to get out of difficult work.

A professional completes projects as soon as possible. An amateur is surrounded by unfinished work piled on top of unfinished work.

A professional remains level-headed and optimistic. An amateur gets upset and assumes the worst.

A professional handles money and accounts very carefully. An amateur is sloppy with money or accounts.

A professional faces up to other people’s upsets and problems. An amateur avoids others’ problems.

A professional uses higher emotional tones: Enthusiasm, cheerfulness, interest, contentment. An amateur uses lower emotional tones: anger, hostility, resentment, fear, victim.

A professional persists until the objective is achieved. An amateur gives up at the first opportunity.

A professional produces more than expected. An amateur produces just enough to get by.

A professional produces a high-quality product or service. An amateur produces a medium-to-low quality product or service.

A professional earns high pay. An amateur earns low pay and feels it’s unfair.

A professional has a promising future. An amateur has an uncertain future.

The first step to making yourself a professional is to decide you ARE a professional.

Are you a professional?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rain Coat gang

Rain Coat gang by jojomamangun
Rain Coat gang, a photo by jojomamangun on Flickr.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to travel with my office friends. We went from Manila to HongKong to Macau to Hongkong to Shezhen then Hongkong and back to Manila.

I must say the trip was very tiring but the everyday laugh and change in scenery made it all worth it.

I would do this again anytime.

Thanks to my brother Jojo for this photo.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cool concepts!

Bumped into these cool designs from this site:
Its quite amazing how people thing of ways to make our daily lives more convenient and our times spent more efficient and our spaces well managed...

Saturday, April 30, 2011

royal and real smiles

They seem to be genuinely happy. I have a good feeling about this. Seems like we have here a great love, royal or not.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Camp Kasal ni W+K recap

It has been over a week since we had my sister's wedding "Camp Kasal" in Lunao. Aside from having been with the couple on their special day, the family also hada short refreshing break from the busy and stressful city life.

Im still hung-over. The wedding, the fun, the pool, the mountain, the sun, everything!

Let me take you on a tour on the overall mood during my 1 week in the mountains...

LUNAO in Mt Kanlaon
I had an entry last Sept 2010 on the weekend spent in Lunao. Let
me narrate the experience using photos...

The resthouse in Lunao.

Here's us fooling around...

Here's us 2 days before the wedding, waiting for the pool to be filled.

Here are the boards we had to make. patok!

Here are by boys chillin' out.
And finally, the pool is filled!

More photos of the "behind the scenes" here...

Chucks and Cords. Here's something to start the mood. The Save the Date:

Wedding details...

The only thing i can think of while running around all morning is why, why in the world did we have a breakfast wedding?? I was in and out of the place i did not even have time to wear make
(pink straps). Then everyone started calling me "Dora".

White top from ZAra, Orange scarf from Zara, 5yr old Corduroy shorts from Surplus shop, chucks bought from HK, Socks from SM Bacolod, Shades from Ruth Magpoc

Here's my little boy with the groom...

And my little princess walking right before the bride...

More camp kasal photos here...

And here's a little something to help you get the idea.. :-)

If there's anything I am proud about this whole event, its that for sure, everyone present had one hell of a great time and that its something they will never forget. I sure did.. :-)

Monday, March 28, 2011

When waiting for change is enlightening...

Change is once again on its way.

But there's a bigger change that's happening to me.

Having to face this situation that will be coming my way soon, and being calm about it, too calm actually, is surprising me in so many ways.

Back in one of my subjects in college, there was one exam when we were ask to come up with our very own theory. With the one thousand and one things that filled up my notebooks and yellow pads in those 5 years of schooling, "my theory" is on top of the list of those i never forgot.

I wrote a paragraph or two on how powerful the human brain is. That it controls our whole being and that of others as well. That brains of different people talk and communicate even without the individuals uttering any word. That the brain is so powerful it can control the future.

Yes I know this sounds vague and these are ideas we already know. But during that time, some 15 years ago, i never came across "The Secret" or knew anyone from the landmark education center. Although i owe a few from these 2 great ideas my optimistic view in life, i must say i have always had it in me to control and be able to separate the good from bad thoughts.

I know my strength. I went through a lot as a child. I've always thought i was weird and that i had out-of-this-world thoughts and even considered myself crazy! But hey, this is the real deal. I get my strength and will-power to live from this "weird" brain.

Or maybe this is all because im getting old. Who knows?!

P.S. I miss my Dad so much.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Camp Kasal

My sister's getting married in 13 days. Yes, that's 2 weeks from now and somehow, it just started to dawn on me how much i still need to prepare for the trip. They have decided to get married in Ma-ao, Bago City, Negros Occidental.
For the Boys (Especially the entourage)For the Girls (Especially the entourage)
"Chucks and Cords" being the motif, had me all wind up on our get up. It was only last week that I got to buy chucks for the kids, white for Taal and dark pink hi-cut for Ada.

As for me, Im using an old pair of chucks bought by my sisters in HK some 4 years ago. Its a hi-cut purple weave with green lace and accents. And this is kinda why im having a hard time to come up with a get up.

I'm just glad my friend dragged me to visit the Nullah shop along Jupiter last friday after lunch where i found ada's dress.

(This is not what he's actually wearing. Its just the suspenders that he's using for his get up.)

Taal i think was the first one to complete his get up, we bought his corduroy last Aug in H&M in HK and the polo was a gift, the last accent, which is the suspenders was purchased yesterday in Shopwise San Pedro.

The husband, fell in love with a checkered polo in Muji yesterday. My husband is very keen on the quality of the clothes he buys for himself, from the fabric to the intricacy of the embroidery up to how the buttons were sewn. And something that passed his standards for less than a regular-priced Zara polo is very very surprising. Plus the fact that they have super small sizes that fits him perfectly. :-)

As for me, i think im not buying anything for this event. Im using my old corduroy shorts, as in only like maybe 6 or 7 years old already and a nice white top i got from the Zara employee's sale for almost 80% discount.

Now, i have one less worry before the Camp Kasal. I still have to plan on the staglorette party and the chaotic list i have to work on and finish before leaving for the wedding.

Let's do this!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Respect and integrity

If everyone in this world would keep in mind how important these 2 words are, the world will be too boring to live in. But just think about it, how honest will the society be?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Place

happy place. The mental state achieved when one wants to avoid the unpleasant or uncomfortble. Everyone's happy place is different, and usually consists of the things that make them joyous.

In this world that I'm in. There are certain aspects of my life that sometimes gets too much of my energy. There is a need to have this "happy place" or should i say "places"...

Life is unfair they say. And they are right. It will never be fair. NEVER. You wake up early only to be caught in traffic and will cause you that tardiness deduction. You wait for that perfect partner only to find out the evil side of him after you get married. Or you save up on something only to realize that you never needed it anyway.

But what keeps you going during times like when you feel the world is ganging up on you? I always have my jars filled with "happy places"...
...palm drive in UPLB... sa trancoville....
...rose garden and kubo in asin rd house...
..."jogging...jogging..." as 2-year old gykgyk goes around the lawn..., ada used to call me this...
...fantaluli... dad and his Marcos stories... OVPSO family...
...happy hour around metro manila...
...Beach 81 in Palawan...
...Raising the mammoth...
...MCA and alabang days...
...swimming sa malamig na tubig ng antipolo...
...boracay at bagyo...
...road trip to tagaytay at mais...
...boses ni Papa...
...Unity is the best policy...
...4-diamond 4-ever... and the box of chocolate...
...twister and waterworld...
...JRC and 1-14-94...

the list will go on... so is the smile in my face every time i look back and remember all these...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


They say patience is a virtue. "Kapag may tyaga, may nilaga."

And indeed it is! Spent my Saturday afternoon scanning through Shopwise Sucat's plate shelves to find one, if not my best, shopping find yet.

A Vera Wang Wedgwood earth plate.

My husband went wild when he saw me pushing the cart with 8 sets of 9inch and 11 inch white plates. Then I turned the plate over for him to see the label. My daughter excitingly blurted out "Vera Wang, is that the same as in that movie Bridal Wars?" Too bad the husband had no idea what we were talking about.

And greater than the great find, is the cost! At P45 and P65 each, how can one go wrong?

I haven't had this shopping high in a while. Or maybe not. Just last week, I got to buy this italian black jeans from Linea Italia at 70% off :-)

Hooray for affordable quality!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feng Shui and Goat's 2011 Metal Rabbit year

My gulay! This Chinese horoscope forecast is addictive! I dont understand why my horoscope (sagittarius) forecast contradicts my chinese year predictions. But nevertheless, i dont think anything would go too bad if i spent a few pesos on the anti-"malas" charms from the chinese fengshui store.

Here's a summary of the SHeep's "2011" from

And I tell you, i have read more than 5 different sources and all had negative predictions on people relationship, more specifically on office politics. I just had to go to that chines store soon and buy this:
And then there was this golden card that the lady from the shop advised to put it in our wallets in a certain way that a particular side should be seen first. I cant seem to find a picture of it over the net because i dont exactly know what its called and im too lazy to grab my wallet to take a picture.

Im actually scared and the mere fact that i am scares me more. I shouldn't be and should just focus on the positive. FOCUS P!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Last night, I had a short conversation with a colleague. While we sneaked by the window near the emergency exit for a smoke, he saw the "ex" of his "present" while looking out the parking lot.
We've been teasing him about this girl from the other department for quite a while now. Their love affair, as it turns out, has been going on for quite sometime while they are both involved with other people. I knew the girl and her long-time boyfriend. And I am also aware the He is living in with someone.

As he shakingly narrate the gist of their story, I caught his declaration of fighting for her and is willing to give up anything to push what they have farther. But what really caught my attention is that it seems to me they both think they can keep secrets especially on their involvement with other people.

I dunno how their story will turn out. What I know is that I'm all hyped up to find out what will happen next. Parang teleserye lang :-)

Tonight, I finally saw glee's valentine episode. And just like everybody else who saw it, I felt the L-O-V-E kinda thing.

I never liked valentines day. And this was brought about by several sad and depressing incidents in the past. That I will change this year. The bad news is, I only have a few days left to convince myself.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Target: Loop!

This is it. I finally found the perfect target.

More info on this bag here

I saw it in Digital Walker in park square.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


so you must be celebrating up there with your Dad and your buddies.

We miss you here. Always.