Thursday, February 24, 2011


They say patience is a virtue. "Kapag may tyaga, may nilaga."

And indeed it is! Spent my Saturday afternoon scanning through Shopwise Sucat's plate shelves to find one, if not my best, shopping find yet.

A Vera Wang Wedgwood earth plate.

My husband went wild when he saw me pushing the cart with 8 sets of 9inch and 11 inch white plates. Then I turned the plate over for him to see the label. My daughter excitingly blurted out "Vera Wang, is that the same as in that movie Bridal Wars?" Too bad the husband had no idea what we were talking about.

And greater than the great find, is the cost! At P45 and P65 each, how can one go wrong?

I haven't had this shopping high in a while. Or maybe not. Just last week, I got to buy this italian black jeans from Linea Italia at 70% off :-)

Hooray for affordable quality!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feng Shui and Goat's 2011 Metal Rabbit year

My gulay! This Chinese horoscope forecast is addictive! I dont understand why my horoscope (sagittarius) forecast contradicts my chinese year predictions. But nevertheless, i dont think anything would go too bad if i spent a few pesos on the anti-"malas" charms from the chinese fengshui store.

Here's a summary of the SHeep's "2011" from

And I tell you, i have read more than 5 different sources and all had negative predictions on people relationship, more specifically on office politics. I just had to go to that chines store soon and buy this:
And then there was this golden card that the lady from the shop advised to put it in our wallets in a certain way that a particular side should be seen first. I cant seem to find a picture of it over the net because i dont exactly know what its called and im too lazy to grab my wallet to take a picture.

Im actually scared and the mere fact that i am scares me more. I shouldn't be and should just focus on the positive. FOCUS P!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Last night, I had a short conversation with a colleague. While we sneaked by the window near the emergency exit for a smoke, he saw the "ex" of his "present" while looking out the parking lot.
We've been teasing him about this girl from the other department for quite a while now. Their love affair, as it turns out, has been going on for quite sometime while they are both involved with other people. I knew the girl and her long-time boyfriend. And I am also aware the He is living in with someone.

As he shakingly narrate the gist of their story, I caught his declaration of fighting for her and is willing to give up anything to push what they have farther. But what really caught my attention is that it seems to me they both think they can keep secrets especially on their involvement with other people.

I dunno how their story will turn out. What I know is that I'm all hyped up to find out what will happen next. Parang teleserye lang :-)

Tonight, I finally saw glee's valentine episode. And just like everybody else who saw it, I felt the L-O-V-E kinda thing.

I never liked valentines day. And this was brought about by several sad and depressing incidents in the past. That I will change this year. The bad news is, I only have a few days left to convince myself.

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