Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feng Shui and Goat's 2011 Metal Rabbit year

My gulay! This Chinese horoscope forecast is addictive! I dont understand why my horoscope (sagittarius) forecast contradicts my chinese year predictions. But nevertheless, i dont think anything would go too bad if i spent a few pesos on the anti-"malas" charms from the chinese fengshui store.

Here's a summary of the SHeep's "2011" from maritessallen.com.ph:

And I tell you, i have read more than 5 different sources and all had negative predictions on people relationship, more specifically on office politics. I just had to go to that chines store soon and buy this:
And then there was this golden card that the lady from the shop advised to put it in our wallets in a certain way that a particular side should be seen first. I cant seem to find a picture of it over the net because i dont exactly know what its called and im too lazy to grab my wallet to take a picture.

Im actually scared and the mere fact that i am scares me more. I shouldn't be and should just focus on the positive. FOCUS P!

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