Sunday, March 27, 2011

Camp Kasal

My sister's getting married in 13 days. Yes, that's 2 weeks from now and somehow, it just started to dawn on me how much i still need to prepare for the trip. They have decided to get married in Ma-ao, Bago City, Negros Occidental.
For the Boys (Especially the entourage)For the Girls (Especially the entourage)
"Chucks and Cords" being the motif, had me all wind up on our get up. It was only last week that I got to buy chucks for the kids, white for Taal and dark pink hi-cut for Ada.

As for me, Im using an old pair of chucks bought by my sisters in HK some 4 years ago. Its a hi-cut purple weave with green lace and accents. And this is kinda why im having a hard time to come up with a get up.

I'm just glad my friend dragged me to visit the Nullah shop along Jupiter last friday after lunch where i found ada's dress.

(This is not what he's actually wearing. Its just the suspenders that he's using for his get up.)

Taal i think was the first one to complete his get up, we bought his corduroy last Aug in H&M in HK and the polo was a gift, the last accent, which is the suspenders was purchased yesterday in Shopwise San Pedro.

The husband, fell in love with a checkered polo in Muji yesterday. My husband is very keen on the quality of the clothes he buys for himself, from the fabric to the intricacy of the embroidery up to how the buttons were sewn. And something that passed his standards for less than a regular-priced Zara polo is very very surprising. Plus the fact that they have super small sizes that fits him perfectly. :-)

As for me, i think im not buying anything for this event. Im using my old corduroy shorts, as in only like maybe 6 or 7 years old already and a nice white top i got from the Zara employee's sale for almost 80% discount.

Now, i have one less worry before the Camp Kasal. I still have to plan on the staglorette party and the chaotic list i have to work on and finish before leaving for the wedding.

Let's do this!

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