Monday, March 28, 2011

When waiting for change is enlightening...

Change is once again on its way.

But there's a bigger change that's happening to me.

Having to face this situation that will be coming my way soon, and being calm about it, too calm actually, is surprising me in so many ways.

Back in one of my subjects in college, there was one exam when we were ask to come up with our very own theory. With the one thousand and one things that filled up my notebooks and yellow pads in those 5 years of schooling, "my theory" is on top of the list of those i never forgot.

I wrote a paragraph or two on how powerful the human brain is. That it controls our whole being and that of others as well. That brains of different people talk and communicate even without the individuals uttering any word. That the brain is so powerful it can control the future.

Yes I know this sounds vague and these are ideas we already know. But during that time, some 15 years ago, i never came across "The Secret" or knew anyone from the landmark education center. Although i owe a few from these 2 great ideas my optimistic view in life, i must say i have always had it in me to control and be able to separate the good from bad thoughts.

I know my strength. I went through a lot as a child. I've always thought i was weird and that i had out-of-this-world thoughts and even considered myself crazy! But hey, this is the real deal. I get my strength and will-power to live from this "weird" brain.

Or maybe this is all because im getting old. Who knows?!

P.S. I miss my Dad so much.

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