Saturday, April 30, 2011

royal and real smiles

They seem to be genuinely happy. I have a good feeling about this. Seems like we have here a great love, royal or not.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Camp Kasal ni W+K recap

It has been over a week since we had my sister's wedding "Camp Kasal" in Lunao. Aside from having been with the couple on their special day, the family also hada short refreshing break from the busy and stressful city life.

Im still hung-over. The wedding, the fun, the pool, the mountain, the sun, everything!

Let me take you on a tour on the overall mood during my 1 week in the mountains...

LUNAO in Mt Kanlaon
I had an entry last Sept 2010 on the weekend spent in Lunao. Let
me narrate the experience using photos...

The resthouse in Lunao.

Here's us fooling around...

Here's us 2 days before the wedding, waiting for the pool to be filled.

Here are the boards we had to make. patok!

Here are by boys chillin' out.
And finally, the pool is filled!

More photos of the "behind the scenes" here...

Chucks and Cords. Here's something to start the mood. The Save the Date:

Wedding details...

The only thing i can think of while running around all morning is why, why in the world did we have a breakfast wedding?? I was in and out of the place i did not even have time to wear make
(pink straps). Then everyone started calling me "Dora".

White top from ZAra, Orange scarf from Zara, 5yr old Corduroy shorts from Surplus shop, chucks bought from HK, Socks from SM Bacolod, Shades from Ruth Magpoc

Here's my little boy with the groom...

And my little princess walking right before the bride...

More camp kasal photos here...

And here's a little something to help you get the idea.. :-)

If there's anything I am proud about this whole event, its that for sure, everyone present had one hell of a great time and that its something they will never forget. I sure did.. :-)