Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mystery like L-O-V-E

The world is a universe of questions and more questions. Everyone of us, throws a question more than make a statement in a day. Today, i encountered a gargantuan book of question. Some with answers, most without. And what can be more bugging than a list of questions without answers. Some because its too soon to tell but most are really unanswerable.

After spending time with some friends (real ones, not fake friends), i can proudly say, that I do have some. I mean real friends who i know will stand by me and have accepted me for who I am without the pretenses and the malice.

I then started to think of that being that's been throwing questions at me without it even knowing, Then I thought how much i should be thankful and how lucky i have been to have been blessed with a sound mind (sometimes), a healthy body (at least i think so), an attentive and absorbent brain (medyo), and a clear and clean soul to top it all.

I dont have to pretend to be happy or nice. I have every reason to be. I am what I am.

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