Sunday, November 27, 2011

Diversity in Waiting

I have been to and from the airport for the past 3 weeks. From early morning flight departure to midnight arrivals. From NAIA terminal 1 to terminal 3. Domestic and International. I have "deposited" almost thousand pesos worth of fee in the Skyway toll counter and have collected loads of paper receipts from them in return.

I have always liked being part of that group that goes to the airport to pick up or bring someone to her or his flight. In the past this is almost always lead by my Dad plus 2 more from the clan.
And now, I am once again on the lookout for the arrival of the husband's plane to land here in Terminal 1. The difference now, is that im waiting all by myself.

I find the diversity really amazing: from all walks of life, commuters to long distance drivers, from BMWs to tamaraw fx to Sarao jeeps, are all here for the same reason: to wait for someone's arrival.

Everyone is on the lookout for text messages, or PA announcement.

I love that fact that each one has their own stories; Kuya arriving from Saudi or Ate arriving from a short trip to Singapore or Dad from a business trip in Europe, or a cousin based in the US and will be spending time to meet the kins.

As for me, I'm here on my own. Just got a text that the husband's plane just landed. And that will take another 30 minutes before he gets out of the airport from baggage claiming to immigration arrival stamping.

I guess its time to get out and start walking to the arrival hall....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who knows how we do it?

I was lucky to have a fast internet (at least for the past days) and was able to finish downloading a R5 file of the movie "I dont know how she Does it".

Its a movie that illustrates quite well, what goes on in a working mom's life. And as a working mom myself, at the end of the day, those crazy elements are what makes us and wont be complete without it. Its never about choosing to drop one off, between family and work, but is more on priorities and time management. :-)

It works, like magic for me, or so i think. hehe

I guess im just not the home-maker or house wife type.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wandering Mind with Guilt

Im at work but my head is somewhere else. We have this internal campaign for our company's value-building efforts and i should be happy that its working on me. One of the 3k employees of this company is living, or atleast trying to live her working day to meet up to the company's core values, or atleast one - malasakit. I come to the office with my mind somewhere else and i feel freakin' guilty about it.

One of the people under me had it from the Boss yesterday during our staff meeting. And i actually felt bad that i had to tell the truth even if it meant for her to be in trouble. She said Yes to a question i asked when the truth was it was a "no". And the "no" is such a big deal that people started calling about it and it was a mess that could have been avoided. I felt bad, i did. But somehow, it was a lesson for her to learn.

Anyway, i just to write it down.

And by the way, i had this weird dream this morning. It was so eventful that its confusing me. I can't seem to remember the details of the series of events that was in the dream. But i know it was a lot...