Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wandering Mind with Guilt

Im at work but my head is somewhere else. We have this internal campaign for our company's value-building efforts and i should be happy that its working on me. One of the 3k employees of this company is living, or atleast trying to live her working day to meet up to the company's core values, or atleast one - malasakit. I come to the office with my mind somewhere else and i feel freakin' guilty about it.

One of the people under me had it from the Boss yesterday during our staff meeting. And i actually felt bad that i had to tell the truth even if it meant for her to be in trouble. She said Yes to a question i asked when the truth was it was a "no". And the "no" is such a big deal that people started calling about it and it was a mess that could have been avoided. I felt bad, i did. But somehow, it was a lesson for her to learn.

Anyway, i just to write it down.

And by the way, i had this weird dream this morning. It was so eventful that its confusing me. I can't seem to remember the details of the series of events that was in the dream. But i know it was a lot...

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