Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who knows how we do it?

I was lucky to have a fast internet (at least for the past days) and was able to finish downloading a R5 file of the movie "I dont know how she Does it".

Its a movie that illustrates quite well, what goes on in a working mom's life. And as a working mom myself, at the end of the day, those crazy elements are what makes us and wont be complete without it. Its never about choosing to drop one off, between family and work, but is more on priorities and time management. :-)

It works, like magic for me, or so i think. hehe

I guess im just not the home-maker or house wife type.


hanna fernando-pacua said...

I have the book ;-) I bought it yeaaars ago , Php 45.00 at booksale. I loved it. Little did I know it will be "sex in the citied" -- Havent seen the movie

misis_pb said...

talaga? ok sya di ba? but im sure the book is better. bagay sa working moms like us :-) how are you hanna?