Monday, January 23, 2012


It has been a week now since i got back from Cebu for the Sinulog. I think my very first sinulog experience deserves a separate entry. Oh wow, that is really one hell of a story. The Sinulog experience or should I say the Sinulog "non-experience".

Anyway, What I wanted to write about is planning.

I started the year (as in Jan 1, 2012) by downloading Evernote for my ipod, blackberry and my laptop. I love how i only need to update 1 device and everything else will sync. I even downloaded this for my office PC just in case i'm in the office and thought of something.

So far, im loving it and been using it for the last 23 days of 2012.

My first few entries involved a bucket list. My top 5's of must do and haves. Places to go to in the Philippines, in Asia and the rest of the world and my Must haves for the house (including a new house, that is).

Then it dawned to me, that way back when i was young, as in 10-11 years of age, and even before the word "bucketlist" was even coined (Thanks to Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson's movie) i have been bucket-listing! I still have to find my old organizer but here are some that i can remember:
- own an electronic microscope
- study mechanical engineering
- learn to operate a crane
- name my daughter "ysabel"
- name my son "miguel enrico"
- own a supermarket
- own a landrover
- design my own birkenstock
- own a spa
I ought to look for that old organizer. There was even an entry there in the Notes where my then boyfriend "Direk", wrote a possible name for a future kid. I think it was "Gus" or "Diesel" or "Saj". Direk is now the husband a.k.a Mr. PB :)

As this year continues to roll, and as i attempt to plan not only for my personal goals but that of my work, I cannot help but be bothered by 2012, being supposedly the end of the world year.

And I have been banging my head and squeezing out my brain for a summer campaign which needs to be the best one ever since it'll be the last one anyway. And since the 2 concepts i initially mentioned in small talk to the boss last week was shut off, its been a week of constant brainstorming and googling for that perfect inspiration for a campaign.

It should be here somewhere... wish me luck!

Oh and by the way, Happy Dragon Year to all!

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