Monday, January 2, 2012

Snapshot of my 2011

I can't help but look back at what another crazy year it was!

Taal's patok songs include Price Tag :-)

August is "Oh Ghost" month

Mercury Retrograde in RETROspect.

Assistants come and go...
Store Promo means bargain for shoppers, getting promoted at work means more work and less time to find great bargains...

I <3 Cebu. Cebu is LOVE.

Maturity in life means having to live each and every day, good or bad, with a smile and big hopes to make today better than yesterday. Maturity at work is getting a hold of one's self despite the hyped up emotion of hate. It is accepting the facts of life- never can please everybody. And that the workplace is a monster in itself that if you let it eat you, it will swallow you whole and lose yourself.

Back seat drivers don't help. At all. Unless they get off the car and help you park

Business and Pleasure will only work if ratio is 60-40. 50-50 is a no-no!

I <3 Cebu. Cebu is love
Will always love travelling. Note to self: Always bring a bigger luggage with enough room space for "great finds".

Now to do my list for 2012 must-haves and must-do...

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