Sunday, April 29, 2012

On the way back home from our Makati drive this evening, the husband and I had a discussion about the possibility of moving out of the South to settle in the Makati area.  This came about after the after-dinner discussion on how much we spend on gas and sky-high toll fees of skyway.

I dunno how, or when but aside from wishing to win the lottery, another one on my wishlist is for Skyway admin to implement a peak-off peak toll fee scheme.

Going back to settling in Makati, i also thought that maybe, the central business district offers better education than paranaque.  I want to make my kids experience public schooling.  Im not paying my taxes for nothing! Both me and the husband are products of public schools and I would like to believe that its better now than during our time.

Or is it  Anyway, i wanted to share this video.  Hope in a Bottle not only gives hope for the current public school population but it also kind of uplifts all of us who spent most of our childhood using those recycled and old school books.

This is a super feel-good video for us. :-) Drink Hope to Give HOPE :-)