Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How much I love CJ Corona

Guilty or not guilty, nothing will make my heartbeat change for you, Mr Corona. 

I don't care if everyone around me hates your guts.
I don't care if the media killed your chances of getting the public's sympathy.
I don't care if people post hate notes in Facebook or twitter.

I have every reason to agree with the majority but i won't and I don't. 
I feel you and i know you're not the person that people perceive you to be. I may never have met you personally but somehow, i know the person that you are. And I don't have to explain why.

So what if you're out of that position?  Better for you and your family anyway.  
Why do you have to deal with a government lead by people who cheat and lie and judge wrongly.
This episode in your life may be over, but your words and your good work will stay. And there are thousands of us out there who believe you. Its just that those who don't, have louder voices.

Stay strong Sir. As my late father said, "Adhere to the truth, you will never go wrong, Keep God in your heart, you'll always be strong..."

Your defense lawyer wannabe,
Ana Mamangun-Punongbayan

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