Thursday, September 27, 2012

shamefully wondering

Ever had something you love to hate but just couldn't?
Like your partners irritating habits or your mom's nosiness?
That something that ruins a day no matter how good its turning out to be?
And no matter how much you want it gone, you cannot do anything about it and that its just part of your life?
The worse part is when you realize that that something...
That something you so hate is something that you actually have or do!
That thing you swore you will never do but its part of you.
I'm having that moment now.  Shame on me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I write today

I will write today...
Because i want to hear the click of my keyboard,
Its not the usual work-related words coming out of the letters i tick
but word that expresses what i feel at the moment

Better days...
I always keep myself reminded of this philosophy
Making today better than yesterday.
And today, writing this will definitely make it better

And so I am..
I write from the heart so pardon me for now
At this moment, i could not care less what is wrong
Or what the rules are in writing,

I will make today better,
As what i have been aiming to do for the past decade
If yesterday was good, today will be better,
and tomorrow hopefully will the the best.

And I wrote... happy :-)