Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sheep in 2013

The forecast for me this coming Year of the Snake is not e en funny.  Im scared!  Must get all those feng shui gadgets.  Or maybe they want me to ber scared so i get all their suggested jewels???

Know yours here.. 

The Year of the Snake 2013 brings you a mix of good and bad readings, although it looks better than 2012. Your element profile from your path chee chart reveals high level of life force and inner essence. This means that you are bestowed with good form, confidence, inner chi and energy throughout the year, making you feel everything will go your way. Your expectations soar. Nothing seems impossible to you. Unfortunately, this does not go along well with your weak Wind Horse Success luck, and you will find blockages to everything that you are trying to accomplish. When your Wind Horse Luck is poor, bad luck can strike unexpectedly. Opportunities that appear will be challenging. You will need to persevere and put in a lot of effort in your work.
Luckily for you, the “Big Auspicious star” is in your 24 Mountains chart coming from the Horse direction, The patronage of this star is a big source of good fortune for you in 2012, especially if you are affiliated in some way with someone born in the year of the Horse e.g. your spouse, parent, kids or business partner.  It would be a shame to let something really big and exciting that the year has to offer you to   slip right through your fingers.  Boost your success luck and clear obstacles to your attainment luck by placing aWish Granting Tree of Life (S) in the Southwest sector. Carry a White Wind Horse with Flaming Jewel Keychain.
On the other hand, you should be wary of Monkey people because the “Yin House” star is coming from its direction. This cosmic affliction brings temporary obstacles and misfortune in a very Yin way that will distract and aggravate you. Often, the Yin House manifests in the form of someone close to you falling very sick or pass away. Display Bejeweled Green Tara or Gold Plated Standing Guan Yin Statue in the Southwest sector for protection. Alternatively, carry a 21 Tara Mirror Tassel.
You are also sitting directly on the Yi Duo Star from the 24 Mountains, which is a “flying star multiplier”. Sadly, the Flying Star in your astrological palace this year is the much dreaded Illness Star #2 and it gets strengthened by Yi Duo. This star brings sickness to the Sheep-born, matriarch of the household and people who reside in the SW sector in 2013. You will feel fatigue and old illness may relapse. Good news is it’s easy to remedy. Make sure the Southwest sector is clean and tidy. Place a Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) or Wu Lou with Deer, Crane and Bamboo in SW. Carry an Anti Illness Medallion Keychain or wear an Aventurine Hu Lu Pendant for Health Luck. Pay close attention to your eating habit and food hygiene. Gather more time to rest. You can also hang a Amethyst Feng Shui Wulou Hanging in your car.
Based on your elemental chart, the 70 year-old Sheep will have to endure the worst health luck. Make sure you wear a Medicine Buddha Pendant.
Wealth Luck wise, it’s good for everyone except for the 46 year-old Sheep. Money will leak away. You will face cash flow problems and financial instability. Carry an Enhancing Dragon Amulet Keychain.
For businessmen, good deals or projects will come your way. They have the potential to make your profit grow and take your business to a new level. It’s advisable to take a path of least resistance. Draw up a sound development plan early, progressively execute it.  As for what you have been working on from the past year, they will start to see results.
Career wise, there is indication of a promotion or pay raise. There is possibility that you will be offered a flashier title or given an important assignment that will alter your career path for the better. Improving your relationship with your colleagues will give a boost to your career.
Single Sheeps who are looking for romance will find themselves falling in love quite easily. Married Sheep should handle your relationship matter wisely. Show more care and you will experience a tighter family bond developing.
In conclusion, when the sickness star is successfully subdued, and your Windhorse success luck is strengthened, the year can actually turn out to be spectacular!
Three Horoscope Allies Amulet - Rabbit, Sheep & Boar is a must-have good luck charm for Sheep people.