Sunday, March 31, 2013


I watch Anthony Bourdain this morning on TLC and i get super sad.

As a kid, i was awed by the fact that stewardess and stewards get to work inside an airplane, always going somewhere. It amazed me simply with the thought that they were always traveling. Plus! Free trips for the whole family!

Back in highschool, i wanted to be one of the members of "the travelers", they were a group of people who goes around the world taking photos and videos and just learning more about the local culture and traditions of the place they go to. I always thought of myself as one of those assisting the camera guy. Back stage as always.

And this morning, as i wAtch Bourdain explore Finland, my heart sinks with the memory of how much i love what his team and crew is doing.

Then a whole bunch of thoughts came flashing in my mind and now, im just sad.

It may be too late or not. But i will definitely travel. One step at a time given that my resources, both time and money, are limited. But i will.

I just wish that i had a job related to traveling. Oh well.