Wednesday, May 1, 2013


With the events that's been going around my work life, which right now is 90% of my life, I can already feel my brain and my body almost giving up.  I've been looking forward to our trip coming up this Friday.  Its both business and and pleasure.  The husband will follow for a 3-day extension while my colleagues get back to Manila.

Ive been looking forward to this, i mentioned that but these past days, its been the main stress source as i realize my being out of the office for 4 working days (Friday, Mon-Wednesday) while we are in the middle of all the plans for the shenanigans of marketing for a supermarket.

At this point, ironman 3 is kinda not a positive source of anything for now but a reminder of "anxiety attacks". Even after sitting down and writing off all the things that's ongoing and my bilins, i still cannot feel the excitement, that usual feeling i have before a big trip.

Breath in. Breath out. Somehow its not working and my heart is still in panic mode. Too much beating going on and my brain is saying one thing, just one thing... "I want out."

Whatever that means.

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