Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big purchase

Here I was earlier today about to write something on how to go about a major life changing purchase when my husband asked me to go to Makati with him to see a camera he's been eyeing to buy.  Took me a few minutes to agree and when he said i can go and drop by the store to do a quick visit, i said yes and hurriedly dressed up.

We ended spending a big deal of amount today.

So going back to my original topic when i decided to draft this post...

"How does one start on buying a house in Manila?"

But then I guess, i'll ask about it someday in the future....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Words for the Week: Creative Writing

Been stranded in the house for days due to the heavy heavy rains that was brought about by the Habagat and the typhoon.  Half the metro is submerged in floods and a lot of towns and cities under the state of calamity including ours, that is Paranaque.

My Mom's house were one of those that was flooded. Water came and out in a matter of 10 minutes and according to her was just too fast to have prevented anything from being wet.  She lost documents, photo albums, books and sadly, my Dad's journals.  I volunteered to dry up one of his journals which i patiently laid out page per page on our table when i got home from her house.  

This is how the words of the week came about.  As i read on some of the wet pages of his hand-written entries, turns out he started writing to work on his creative writing skills.  He was doing some side-job teaching college students on this way back in 1994 and he had to practice, thus the journals.

Incidentally,  my daughter asked my permission to start on a blog which she said, would be used to express her thoughts and practice her writing as well.  I have had this blog for a while now with the mere intention of just purely expressing my thoughts by writing.  I dont even think people read this.  Its just that i actually believe writing it out makes me feel better.

Anyway, I'm hoping i can find time, more time, to actually write.  At least this way, my kids wont have to worry about drying up the pages.