Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hell week at its finest

Can I just say "whatta week"!

It's been one hell of a week for me. Both physically, mentally and emotionally. 

My body being tired, I can manage and adjust. My mind I can try control. But the emotions, is just too much. Pain and disappointment. I think its because the pain in my heart is brought about by work-related shit. 

I try to convince my heart to slow down and remind it that whatever chaos I am in now is just work. And that I have a lot other things to be thankful for and that this too shall pass. But for some wonderful reason, I still get teary-eyed rverytime I remember the very reason why I am hurt. 

Maybe because we are gearing towards the end of the year and all those pent up emotions plus te exhaustion is finally pouring out. Or maybe because its November and my birthday is coming up with te sad memories that goes with it. Or maybe its my daughter's birthday week and I cant even give a bit of time to di something for her. 

I really don't know. I give it all to You. I will go through this. I will give it my best. I will hug it all even if it means a broken heart. All because I trust You and that you know what is best for me and the people I love and care for. 

As for my broken "work" heart, I guess the lesson here is to learn the lesson so it would never happen again. Too much of something is definitely bad.