Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Litttle Bit of Heaven

It wasn't a new movie, but when i searched Gael's recent movies, this popped out.  I downloaded this was weeks ago and only had a chance to watch it tonight.  I must say, the cover image is misleading.

Up until towards the end of the film, i was still with high hopes for a miracle.  But still ended as predicted.

So why am i writing this up in the middle of the night while the world is asleep? Because i cant sleep.  This movie made me think. A lot.

I have been ill for the past days and was even betting on spending Christmas in the hospital.  My tolerance for pain is quite high but what i went through these past days made me really want to see a doctor even if it meant being admitted and spending Noche Buena in the hospital.  Im just thankful that after 4 hours in the ER, the Doc let us go.

The pains i went through was so scary and this movie kinda made my emotions twist and turn.  What ifs started to build up in my mind and i cried in a lot of the movie's scenes.  I watched a tagalog teleserye right after the movie and cried and cried in every scene!  That was how it affected me.

So, yeah.  I got out of my comfy bed, left my snoring husband fast asleep, and wrote this to document my thoughts that i might forget:

1.  Top reasons why i'm afraid to die
2.  Must find out soon why im in so much physical pain
3.  Gotta treasure every moment with the loves of my life
4.  Have to give love back to the world
5.  Enjoy life and eradicate whatever stops me from enjoying it

I cry at the thought of dying soon because my kids are just so sweet and i love them to the edges of this universe.  

Anyway, my back is already killing me and must get back to bed already before the husband sees the lit up screen of my computer. Its almost 3am.

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