Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Writing More

Every year, every January, i always make it a point that I tell myself to find time to write more.

And every February, i look into my site and find that post on promising to write more.

I should have a constant changing list of things to write about.  The other night, right before a major event we have for a store opening, one of the big boss sent me an sms and asked me to email to him his speech for the following day.  I was hesitant to say that i really did not prepare anything as i assumed big bosses do their own speeches, that will definitely sound super bad.  So i just replied by saying, i will send him something in a while and that i am not a very good writer so he's free to edit away!

After almost an hour with a colleague trying to come up with a one-pager, we finally finished.  It was not an award winning one but i was again surprised to find myself come up with a sensible output.

Anyway, Its just one of those days that i felt like starting the day with a few written words.

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