Saturday, September 26, 2015

How traveling makes me appreciate life

There's this show in discovery channel before entitled "TRAVELERS" and i always imagined myself being part of the crew. I love the idea how these group of individuals travel around the world tounderstand  different cultures and lifestyles. 

Yesterday, i got in the car, packed some stuff (including my kids, ofcourse) and drove north to surprise the husband who has been away for a week for offsite work.  At 4pm yesterday, we were 100kms away from home and i was awed by the fact that its was just 4pm and im very far from my usual daily spots - i.e. Home-office-store. 

I just had to get out of my routinary roads and explore. And we did. 

We got home tonight, and though it was a short trip, i must say that drive, despite stressful, was very fulfilling. It fulfilled its goal to have a bit of change and breather.  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tretorn and nostalgia

Flasback to the 1990's when this brand was the in thing and all my classmates were collecting theirs in different designs.  It was i think P499 a pair in EPZA in Baguio where they sell overruns. 

I never had a pair until after highschool when my father gave me one, finally, as a graduation present. While everyone else were already into chucks then, i just got my first ever pair of trets. 

At present, i have a pair i share with my daughter. My weekend shoes, i call it. Sometimes while wearing it, i cant help but playback some memories, strolling along Session Road, i wonder what could have been had i had this back when i was the only one without it. 

What part of my personality could have changed? I bet I would have been a totally different person and i wont be what i am now. 

Privileges. I had a few growing up. And that may be why I value the littlest things. Even if doesn't mean so much for others.  

And yeah, i get emotional too over the littlest things, like wearing this pair pf trets. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Expressions and Evolutions

The other day, I met with a colleague based from our HQ and I was surprised when he mentioned this blog.  I was actually a bit embarrassed as I did a mental of the past entries I have been putting here.  As I told him, this was more of an outlet for me since somehow, i never really intended for anyone else to read it but my digital and blogger friends.

It then came to me.  How social media evolved since I started this blog and how much I evolved as well in terms of breathing out and writing as an outlet.  Back when I started, there were only a few of us in FB, or in twitter.  It was not as powerful as it is now. Livejournal, Multiply, Blogspot was the way to go. 

The main objective was to express myself.  Of words I may not have the guts to say out loud.  Of emotions I had a heard time of expressing.  Of dreams I wanted to share to myself.  I needed a channel to shout without being too noisy.  And to cry without the tears.  To just express whatever it is. 

Thinking about it now, this blog was my imaginary friend.   A friend who backed me up and argued with me as well.  Ok so I'm kinda sounding like a complete psycho now.  Maybe I am.

Anyway, this kind of expression also helped me be more structured. Helped me a lot in the life I have now.  Yes, I learned from the movie "Finding Forrester" that you write first with your heart, then second draft is with your head.  Somehow, this channel made me realize that whatever it is in my head, sometimes, it does make sense in a structured, story-telling, kinda way.  I can actually write.

Then there is my life, mostly spent at work and my lovely family. The path I took is a complex one. The more i understand, the more i feel i know so little. Figuring out the complexities made me feel how small I was in this world.  As complex as it may be, I am loving it, most of the time.  

Ok so after going through the write up above, I take it back.  Im not so structured after all.  As a disclaimer though, no second draft for this entry.  Only one and written with my heart. Funny thing is the topic I really wanted to write about, I did not even get to it.