Saturday, September 26, 2015

How traveling makes me appreciate life

There's this show in discovery channel before entitled "TRAVELERS" and i always imagined myself being part of the crew. I love the idea how these group of individuals travel around the world tounderstand  different cultures and lifestyles. 

Yesterday, i got in the car, packed some stuff (including my kids, ofcourse) and drove north to surprise the husband who has been away for a week for offsite work.  At 4pm yesterday, we were 100kms away from home and i was awed by the fact that its was just 4pm and im very far from my usual daily spots - i.e. Home-office-store. 

I just had to get out of my routinary roads and explore. And we did. 

We got home tonight, and though it was a short trip, i must say that drive, despite stressful, was very fulfilling. It fulfilled its goal to have a bit of change and breather.  

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