Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tretorn and nostalgia

Flasback to the 1990's when this brand was the in thing and all my classmates were collecting theirs in different designs.  It was i think P499 a pair in EPZA in Baguio where they sell overruns. 

I never had a pair until after highschool when my father gave me one, finally, as a graduation present. While everyone else were already into chucks then, i just got my first ever pair of trets. 

At present, i have a pair i share with my daughter. My weekend shoes, i call it. Sometimes while wearing it, i cant help but playback some memories, strolling along Session Road, i wonder what could have been had i had this back when i was the only one without it. 

What part of my personality could have changed? I bet I would have been a totally different person and i wont be what i am now. 

Privileges. I had a few growing up. And that may be why I value the littlest things. Even if doesn't mean so much for others.  

And yeah, i get emotional too over the littlest things, like wearing this pair pf trets. 

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