Sunday, November 22, 2015


Happy Birthday to me!

My dad passed away exactly 6 years ago today!  Of all the other days of the year, he decided to go on my birthday.  I clearly remember that day in 2009.  He sent me birthday greeting at 6am about being proud of me and that being happy and acceptance of whatever the outcome is of that day.  My dad would usually send super dramatic birthday greetings that would always bring me to tears. Six years later, i still cry every Nov 22, and its because i have no dramatic and life-reflecting message from him.

6 years after, without exaggeration, not a single day goes by without me remembering him.  And every year since then, i just seem to remember too much on this day.  Im going to cry today.  And since its my birthday, i hope no one will stop me.  

I love you Pa.  I miss you EVERYDAY.