Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Delightful Cheers for 2016

The question that you would be asked during the last or the first few days of the year:

How was your year?

And I would usually have an answer to this before the big holiday break.  That same message i would usually share to my team and to those closest to me.  The well-thought of answer
would be a topic for discussion with friends and family during gatherings or road trips.. the first entry in my diary..

Not this time.  

I had a short and sweet meet up with an old friend 2 days into the new year, and he asked me how my year was --- no answer, nothing that made sense.  My sister asked me on Jan 1 and all i could say was that 2016 was a big blur..

Why am I not myself the past year?  or this coming year, will it still be the same?

Yoga and Mindfulness

I have been practicing yoga for a year now... atleast doing one session a week.  This made me open up my senses and become more aware of the things happening around me... I know someday i would be able to embrace this openness, but for now, its making me realize how bad others are... and there is nothing i can do about it for now.

I am at a stage where my realization is that i can't always help.  I can't control it all or even do anything to change the course of things... 

Hoping that this is part of the stage of acceptance... 

How will the next year be?

I need to understand the past so i can move on and make tomorrow better... I need to make 2017 better because 2016 was year of emotional outbursts, depressions, netflix binge watching, mediocrity and just sadness... I need to understand what happened so i can finally move on... 

I have a lot of thinking to do, but for now, I'm bidding the greatest and biggest goodbye to 2016, I'm glad that its over and happy to know that i can only move forward... 

Cheers 2016! Clinking the glasses and throwing the champagne all over the 365 days of it... 

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